Episode 4 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School


For some time we have been introduced to the underlining issue of discrimination that is looming about the halls of Magic High School, but the reasoning behind it still remained in the shadows.  As Tatsuya gets further integrated into the Disciplinary Committee, he’s soon to discover just who is pulling the strings from the background and ultimately decide who’s side he’s on.

Opening the show, Tatsuya is brought before  Mari Watanabe and the Chairmen of the Extracurricular Activities Federation Katsuto Jyumonji.  There he explains the events that transpired between Sayaka Mibu and Takeaki Kirihara.  Despite the dangers of what magic was used, Mari seeks to not take the case to the Correctional Committee.  Despite some disagreement, Katsuto decides to agree and mentions that he’ll handle corrections himself.

Later at a cafe, Tatsuya meets with his friends where a discussion is brought up about Tatsuya’s ability to dispatch the group of club members.  He explains that he used a method of triggering two CADs in order to distort other CADs and prevent their spells from being used.  This is contrary to the belief that he had used a military device called an antinite that stops spells from being used.  While they express that this technique he used could be an amazing find, he hesitates to ever bring it to the public.  This being because anti-magic terrorist groups could use it for their own gain.  Though his sister also recognizes that it requires a great deal of skill that only Tatsuya really has.

The following day Tatsuya responds to a disturbance report in a wooded area.  Upon arriving there he is ambushed by an unknown man.  Though Tatsuya quickly uses his double CAD technique once again to disrupt his spell.  Before Tatsuya can respond, the man sprints away with a mobile technique.  Not before Tatsuya notes a bracelet the man wears.

e4irregular4Later in the halls of the school Miyuki expresses her fear for Tatsuya, as he’s managed to create quite a name for himself by taking down several magic users without casting a single spell.  Despite this, he assures her that he won’t be careless and parts ways to speak to Mibu who has requested speak with him.  While the more obvious reason was for Mibu to ask if he’d join the Kendo club, he still answers her call in order to ask her why they want him.  Mibu expresses a dislike for the discrimination against those with less skill in magic.  She mentions that a group of clubs are forming together in order to separate from the Extracurricular Activities Federation and present their case against the discrimination that they have faced.

The following day Tatsuya brings this new information to the student council where Mayumi Saegusa mentions the ongoing case of anti-magic movements infiltrating the school.  While incidents have occurred, the government has managed to keep most cases under wraps, hiding them from the public.  This forces the committees to have to deal with situations themselves.

Following this, Tatsuya is requested at the counseling office where he meets Ms Ono who requested his services.  It seems she wishes to better understand him in order to help the many students seeking council.  Apparently 10% of first years receive regular counseling so it seems to be a huge issue.  Though oddly enough before taking his leave, Ms Ono seems to take an interest in Tatsuya’s relationship with Mibu.  Asking if he in fact was asked on a date by her.  Though Tatsuya only seems to be interested in just who told her such a story.

Later that night Tatsuya sits with Miyuki to discuss his finding in the anti-magic groups that could be involved at the school.  The main organization is called Blanche that yields the title of “Eradicate Social Discrimination By Magic.”  While they don’t forbid magic amongst themselves, they seek to remove its influence on the nation.  Removing the discrimination it has created and the social benefits yielded by those with higher magic power.

e4irregular2There’s no question that they are behind the scenes at the school as he notes the bracelet his attacker was wearing is the same worn by Egalite members who are a subordinate group under the Blanche.  Though the question who is pulling the strings of the Blanche as its current push would only weaken the nation in magic and thus have to be part of a bigger scheme.  Despite knowing the actions of the movement is wrong, Tatsuya himself can’t help but agree with the idea of ridding the discrimination.

Either way, Tatsuya knows that the 10 Tribes will not ignore their actions and eventually get involved.  Including their aunt of the Yotsubas.  While Miyuki seems to be upset at the idea of her getting involved as they would have to rejoin the Yotsubas, Tatsuya seems to believe that if Miyuki enjoys school life so much he’ll do everything in his power to protect it.

While not the most entertaining of episodes, it did prove to be the most meaty of all. We got a better explanation of just what is causing a bit of the discrimination amongst the students as well as finding out that things are a bit bigger than we originally believed. Readers of my previous impressions on this show may have noted my dislike of it being so grounded in the school, but this episode has relieved some of that disappointment.

With the factors of how this national school would be effected by an anti-magic movement and how the outer nations would benefit from them failing creates a much more large-scale feel to the show. Not just bickering amongst kids.

Most are probably not surprised by me not caring for the killed Miyuki jealousy joke, but I’ll say it anyways. It’s a dead joke, I hope they stop beating it. Either that or just come out and admit they aren’t really blood related and get it over with.  That said, I did get quite a chuckle out of Tatsuya’s comment about Mari’s boyfriend not being so flattering causing her to get worked up.

Episode 4: Enrollment Part IV





  • World Building
  • Some Character Development


  • More Sibling Romance
  • Overused Jokes

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