Cutest Characters: Spring 2014 Edition


Spring is touted as the season of New Beginnings as well as Love.  As new seasons begin in our anime world, so does it bring out new characters for us to fall in love with.  Either because they are adorable, lovable, or just plain irresistible.

e2week7Kaori Fujimiya
One Week Friends

Is it all that surprising?  From the moment we set eyes on the PV for One Week Friends we immediately fell in love.  She’s adorable, soft-spoken, and has a certain purity about her.  When her eyes fill with tears you weep, and when she smiles your heart melts.

Of course it doesn’t help that Fujimiya has a certain “frail” element about her.  A type of personality that breaks your heart and makes you want to rush out and save her.  Which is really the major hook in the show’s writing, so there’s nothing wrong with feeling that way.

e1blackbullet2Enju Aihara
Black Bullet

As long as you’re able to ignore the ever-growing contamination of Gastrea infection that is housed within a Cursed Child of the Black Bullet world, they are without a doubt some adorable characters. Children that never had a chance to be a normal kid, and are often looked upon with great distaste by the human society. This is no different for Enju and her adorable personality.

Sure she looks like fierce and brutal in battle, but outside of the war zone she has a certain want to be loved. A pure heart that seeks to win over her beloved Rentaro Satomi. All the while, the cute-adoring fan base that we are clenches our fist at Rentaro’s constant cold shoulder.

Selector Infected WIXOSS

Featured within a card, our first glance at Tama in this series was a cute one.  Seeming to awake from a long slumber, Tama cried out with silly mannerism and limited vocabulary.  Despite her odd nature, she seems loyal and very protective of her owner.  Though the reasoning behind everything remains a secret.

In battle, her entire attitude shifts in a blink of an eye.  Transforming into a blood thirsty combatant, but strangely still adorable.  How can you fear a cute one foot tall pigtail girl that screams “Battle!”?  It’s almost like an angry and defensive puppy dog!

kawaicomplexRitsu Kawai
The Kawai Complex Guide

This quiet book-worm caught our attention within the first minute of the show. The main catch being with her eyes.  Full of vibrant colors and detail that warms your heart.  Though this expands further as over time she finds herself drawn into interactions that reveal a treat for the viewer in discovering a much more adorable side to her.

This is usually caused by the main protagonist of the show Kazunari Usa who is constantly trying to draw her attention.  Then there’s the pouty face that she makes which could make men consider locking her up and turning yandere.

e5blackbullet7Tina Sprout
Black Bullet

There’s an unspoken rule against listing two characters from a single series when we hold these top lists. However when the recent episode of Black Bullet aired, we were instantly forced to put a temporary hold on this. That is because a small girl wearing pajamas, and chomping down caffeine pills to stay awake, entered our world.

While the true intentions of Tina Sprout are dark ones, as expected in this show, her nature when deceiving the main character was priceless.  She could be plotting to kill your closest relative and you’d still want to give her a gigantic hug.

Well that concludes this edition of the cutest characters of the Spring 2014 season.  If you have a pick of your own, feel free to share and join in the discussion.  Also look forward to our ongoing impressions on many of these shows and more as the weeks progress.