Episode 4 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


Deception is the name of the game in this episode of Nanana’s Buried Treasure. As the battle against the newly gifted Yuiga comes into play, the people truly holding all of the cards are revealed. Even the all too innocent Juugo seems to be playing some people in a big way.

As Tensai is approached by Juugo, she uses her charm to get in close to him and unveil his true identity.  Realizing based on his height that he is someone disguised as Juugo.  After revealing himself as Hundred-Faces of the thief troupe Matsuri, he is then chased around the park by Tensai claiming she will take him to jail.

Elsewhere, Juugo hands Yukihime the Truth Gem that he had that he had taken from her parachute dropbox several days before.  Turns out Juugo had known her identity when she arrived and saved him from the ruins at the crystal tower.  At that point he had struck a deal with her to get the staff back from Yuiga.

Upon confronting Yuiga, Yukihime immediately engages combat with Yuu and leaves Juugo to confront Yuiga for the staff.  As Yuiga sends blast after blast his way, Juugo mocks his dreams and ambitions.  Claiming that dreams are for fools.  As Yuiga becomes fed up with Juugo, he attempts to send Juugo back home however the staff loses its power and retracts.  As Juugo confronts Yuiga in an attempt to strike him down, he can’t bring himself to do it.  Instead he’s knocked out by yet another member of the Matsuri.

When Juugo regains consciousness the Yuiga and his band of misfits have already fled the scene, however they quickly get surrounded by a swarm of militants under the guide of Tensai herself.  After Yuiga offers the staff for his and his companion’s safety, Tensai trades a check for 100 million yen. Speaking on Ikkaku Shunjuu’s behalf, she claims it’s not their desire to steal the item from him.

e4nanana1Arriving home, Juugo expresses his disappointment in Tensai abandoning him. Though Tensai sees through his fake kidnapping by the Matsuri. Instead she knows that he has been working with them from the start. She knows that during the night of the truth gem’s theft that he was notified on his phone via an alarm, not a message. He was there to retrieve the gem for the Matsuri and that he then set up a partnership with them to later get the staff. This partnership was made obvious by hacking his phone and seeing that he in fact called for Yukihime to come save them from the ruins.

This comes as a shock to Juugo, that she knew everything he had attempted to hide from her. Though she finds him to be a rival instead. She also reveals that from that day forward, not only will she be sitting near him at school but her and Daruku will be living next door to him at the apartments.

Leaving Tensai behind, Juugo heads to his room, but not before receiving a call from his father. His father points out his pleasure in hearing of the events that unfolded from Yukihime. Though Juugo expresses his distaste for the Matsuri group and his father’s involvement with it. Though his father seems to still desire for Juugo to succeed him in his business. After his father asks how he’s doing at the island he exiled him to, Juugo flaunts the idea that he’s got himself a girlfriend. Obviously describing Tensai. Even though his father obviously doesn’t believe his son to find love as he seems to believe Juugo doesn’t like people in general.

e4nanana4Overall I was highly impressed with this episode. A lot of big reveals were in play, including Juugo’s father being a leader in the Matsuri. So while the Matsuri seek to steal Nanana’s treasures, it also seems like Juugo’s father has placed his son at the forefront of the battle to obtain them. Though after Juugo revealed a much more intelligent side to himself, the question remains as to if Juugo was planning to get the treasures himself all along.

Tensai still remains the main reason I’ve enjoyed this series so far. She’s just got so much character to her that I enjoy. Her tearing down Juugo’s facade was priceless and even her smug appearance upon the vehicle cavalry was great. I just wish she didn’t disappear for most of the show.

My biggest disappointment in the episode was the battle with Yuiga. A standard “knock down, get up” repetitive thing that’s all too familiar. And the fact that my fears I wrote about in the Episode 3 Impression came true. Juugo ends up making up with Yuiga in the end…

Episode 4: Dreams and Ambitions and Denial and Attraction





  • Tensai shines once again
  • Decent character build


  • Repetitive battle
  • Typical resolution with Yuiga

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