Episode 5 Impressions: Black Bullet


Gastrea Infection, discrimination, and Cursed Children contamination isn’t the only threat that faces the citizens surrounding the infected zones of the world. As Satomi takes a job protecting Seitenshi, he soon discovers a political leader that has his sights set on not only clearing the Gastrea, but also opposing factions to his cause.

Following the events that nearly cost humanity dearly, Satomi and Enju practice their skills while Kisara trains her skills in swordplay nearby. Afterwards Kisara mentions the idea of Satomi taking Enju to one of the outer schools so she can enjoy being herself while she still can. Though Satomi scoffs at the idea of placing Enju in an abandoned lot to learn. Despite his words, Kisara mentions the idea of needing money to give her proper schooling. To which leads to her new job offer. Being President Seitenshi’s bodyguard.

While meeting with Seitenshi, Satomi learns that she will soon be visiting President Saitake Sogen who represents the Osaka Area of Tokyo. Joining them will be her standard bodyguards, the leader of which is Second Lieutenant Yasuwaki Takuto. While he seems to greet Satomi equally, Satomi dismisses the invitation claiming that he’s just there to hear out the job and has not accepted it yet.

While leaving the palace, Satomi is shoved into a nearby washroom where he’s surrounded by Takuto and his fellow bodyguards. Takuto demands that Satomi drop the job and leave him to be at Seitenshi’s side, just as the former Lord Tendo wished before he left. Satomi refuses which leads to a brawl that Satomi easily has the upper hand in. After some nearby guards are alerted, Takuto leaves but not before claiming that he’ll kill Satomi. As the guards finally arrive, Satomi requests that they inform Seitenshi that he’ll accept the job.

e5blackbullet5As Satomi leaves the palace, he confronts a group of men seemingly harassing a young girl. After flashing his badge, the men quickly flee and leave Satomi to assess the young girl’s odd appearance. Wearing pajamas and flip-flops, she looks to be barely awake. After taking her to a nearby bench, she struggles to stay awake before popping a few caffeine pills to wake herself up. After getting nowhere with her in way of family or home he only comes up with a name, Tina Sprout. After giving her his number and asking her to go to a police box, she suspiciously calls his number right in front of him in order to validate it’s authenticity. She suddenly recalls the location of her apartment and leaves Satomi in a bit of confusion.

The following day Satomi heads to the meeting with Saitake Sogen at the side of Seitenshi. The meeting quickly turns into a sort of threat made by Saitake in taking leadership of the world once the threat of the Gastrea is dealt with. Seems he takes offense at Satomi’s work in breaking the Heaven’s Ladder, a tool he desired to use on not only the Gastrea, but possibly other nations.

In the grand scheme of things, there are 5 sections surrounding the Gastrea breakout point. Each section is ruled by a certain form of leadership. Saitake believes that the one section that claims victory over the Gastrea would be in the forerunning to take over the world itself.

e5blackbullet2Following this poor display, Satomi along with Seitenshi and Enju are taken by car away from the area of Osaka. During their trip, Seitenshi expresses her desire to unite the regions instead of divide them in war. Though she knows this will put her at risk of attacks and even assassination attempts. With this said, she asks Satomi to be her body-guard and protect her since she finds trust in him alone.

Before talks are concluded, Enju awakens to an uneasy feeling. As Satomi scouts the surrounding buildings, he sees a flash of light and shields both Seitenshi and Enju. The car is struck with a barrage of bullets that cause them to flee from the vehicle. After an explosion floors both Satomi and Seitenshi, he fears the next shot will be unavoidable and shields Seitenshi. However Enju springs forward and kicks the shell and deflects it. As Takuto arrives with the other guards to take Seitenshi off the road, Satomi fears the attacker has already fled.

Elsewhere Tina Sprout is found calling back to her headquarters on the failed attempt to kill Seitenshi. She notifies the other person that a Civil group has gotten in the way but she was unable to identify them.

e5blackbullet1Tina Sprout is absolutely awesome! Way too cute in her little acting she pulled off and I’m looking forward to this rivalry. Though I have to admit that it’s getting a little too “Loli slaughter daily” in that each arc will just have a new little girl to put through hell. It’ll be sad to see this one go, just like the last!

I felt the dinner scene was a bit out-of-place and useless (Hence why it wasn’t mentioned in the synopsis). It’s only redeeming factor was in introducing someone from the agency that builds their arsenal. Outside of that it just felt like a really old trope scenario of girls battling in the middle of an apartment.

I’m sort of interesting in seeing this whole political aspect play out, especially with Satomi following Seitenshi. It could create an interesting divergence from just a typical monster killing show. Though I do find Seitenshi’s character art not really fitting in the show at all. Like dark paints siting next to dry pencil drawing. Oh well, splitting hairs.

Episode 5: The Crimson Black Assassin





  • Decent political intrigue
  • Tina Sprout was adorable
  • Unintentional laughs


  • Useless dinner scene

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  • By Zeruel36, May 7, 2014 @ 8:50 am

    Tina Sprout has easily made nomination for cutest character of Spring 2014

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