Episode 5 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


Things are looking rather grim for the world of Nanana’s Buried Treasure. We’ve been introduced to quite a selection of colorful characters, however the biggest downfall in this series seems to be in its excessive creation of characters and not its development of them. Leaving one to wonder the purpose of this show.

While the club is treated to a nice dinner thanks to Yuiga’s recent cash-in, all grudges seem to be in the past. Though Yuiga takes the opportunity to fill the group in on their next goal in mind. A nearby hot spring that is slated to be their next ruins to check out. Despite Juugo being broke, Yuiga claims that all expenses will be covered.

Upon returning home for the night, Juugo is informed of a party that will be held at his apartment the next day. Seems despite his objection to the idea, Nanana has taken it upon herself to make Tensei and Daruku feel welcome at any time to their apartment. Denying them outright, he returns to his apartment to inform Nanana of their plans going forward. While Nanana claims she can’t give more hints on her ruins so soon, she asks Juugo to tell her all about the trip.

Later Juugo meets up with Yukihime to discuss something. When Yukihime arrives at the cafe, she takes on the appearance of a large chested women wearing a biker suit. Though Juugo sees right through her outfit and comments on her chest which leads to a proper beating. Following these antics, Yukihime presses Juugo to return to the Matsuri where he belongs. After countless denials to her request, Yukihime asks him outright what he thinks of her. Apparently hinting at a possible love interest. Though Juugo shrugs her question off to her being like an older sister who helps him a lot. In response to this, Yukihime threatens Juugo and takes her leave.

Arriving home, Juugo is welcomed by Tensai, Daruku, Nanana, and even Shiki. Though Shiki seems to only be there to rob him of an insane electrical bill caused by Nanana’s excessive gaming. Though it seems Juugo takes a bit of enjoyment in helping Nanana continue to be happy which leads him to find some side work.

e5nanana5In an almost secretive room, a group called the Guild gathers odd jobs for the taking. This seems to be Juugo’s ticket to paying his bills. Though after finding a shady delivery job, he’s confronted by a disguised Tensei who only seems to applaud her rival’s path into dark business.

Later Juugo attempt to deliver his package, though he quickly opens it to be shocked of its contents. After running into Shuu, he’s introduced to the surrounding areas of his delivery. A lawless district that seems to be allowed by the law and sees little contest. Shuu also mentions that they discovered that the truth seeing gem that he handed over to them was indeed fake. While Juugo’s father claimed him as fault for it, it seems that Yukihime defended Juugo quite violently.

After finally reaching Juugo’s destination for his delivery, the shady characters awaiting them outside the building cause Shuu to flee cowardly and leave Juugo to his duty alone. After confronting the men, they call his escort, a sword wielding man named Tetsu. Once inside, Juugo is left with a small girl named Yun who has an obvious fear of Juugo that he humors himself in teasing. Though this leads to him getting Tetsu’s sword at his throat. Thankfully their encounter is cut short by the arrival of the sister hailed as the don of Tsukuyomi and quite an intimidating woman.

Juugo’s encounter with the women turns out to be quite a mixture of threats and interrogation to reveal if he in fact knows about Nanana’s treasures and exactly what is his purpose there. Despite this, Juugo is invited to join them for cake. Turns out the package he carried was not drugs like Juugo had thought, but in fact fine flower that was ordered for making cake. However their conversation is interrupted by a raid on the building. Thankfully for Juugo, Tetsu is ordered to escort him out of the building and to safety.

e5nanana1Following his eventful day, Juugo converses with Nanana on the happenings and admittance to not being paid. While Nanana suggests he return for payment, he assures her that he’s familiar with their “sisterhood” and wants no part in them.

Unfortunately this episode was rather slow for the most part. It seems that rather than develop the many characters we already have, the writers are too occupied with introducing slews more. This seems rather dangerous for the series to me due to the fact that only one character has any of my interest whatsoever.

I hope at some point soon we’ll get more fleshed out and interesting elements to the cast that we now have. Although I was slightly interested in seeing that Yukihime has some sort of love interest in Juugo. As terribly as he handled that.

Tensai remains my only real hook to this show and unfortunately she took quite the back seat this time around, even if appearing for a short and pretty entertaining moment. As stated before, this show has to really prove itself soon as 5 episodes in, we haven’t really gotten anywhere with the characters themselves. Expect a rather decision based impression next episode!

Oh, I should mention that I did quite enjoy figuring out the voice actor for Yun.  It wasn’t until she said a rather familiar line that it dawned on me.  Kate from World Conquest Zvezda Plot!

Episode 5: Missions Impossible





  • Some comedy
  • Decent new arrivals


  • Too many characters, not enough build
  • Too spread out

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