Episode 5 Impressions: One Week Friends


To keep things from getting complicated, Fujimiya has managed to keep her friendship with Hase to when they are alone. However after meeting a new friend, Fujimiya finds it difficult to keep herself shielded from others as she has managed all this time.

After Hase recants the rules set upon the friendship he has with Fujimiya in how they never speak in public, Fujimiya encounters a girl while alone during lunch. Seems a girl named Yamagishi Saki has been attempting for some time to confront Fujimiya in an attempt to become her friend. After requesting friendship with her, Fujimiya is puzzled as to why she would desire a friendship. To this, Yamagishi notes how much she admires her and believes she acts very mature.

As Fujimiya struggles to absorb the situation, Hase arrives with Kiryu and is filled in on the situation quickly. Though they are all in the same class, Yamagishi struggles to remember just who the two boys are. However she’s not against the idea of being Fujimiya’s second friend (after Hase notes that Kiryu isn’t really a friend of hers).

Despite Fujimiya accepting Yamagishi’s friendship and requesting that she not talk to her in public as she has done with Hase, Yamagishi jumps at the idea of greeting and talking to Fujimiya whenever she sees her. When Yamagishi questions why they can’t talk, Fujimiya is forced to allow her to do as she pleases just to appease her desire to talk with her new-found friend.

During lunch, Fujimiya finally commits to telling Yamagishi her secret. That she forgets her friends on the Monday of each week. Though Yamagishi doesn’t seem to understand the depth of this issue. She seems to compare it to her own forgetfulness that she struggles with already. Though Fujimiya knows her own affliction is much graver.

e5oneweekfriends6While Hase listens from a distance to ensure that things go well with the confession, he’s shocked to find Yamagishi eating the lunch that Fujimiya regularly cooks for him. Though it seems that his disappointment is quickly shut out by the fun and casual conversations that the two girls carry on. After Yamagishi asks to go on a date together with Fujimiya after school, Hase plots with Kiryu to follow them in order to make sure that they are happy together. Though Kiryu knows that Hase is just jealous and weird.

On their date together, Yamagishi and Fujimiya hit many fun stores and carts. Trying on silly pajama outfits and even hitting the crepe cart that Fujimiya and Hase were unable to go to together. After the sun falls, Yamagishi and Fujimiya are watched from a distance at a riverside bench.

Kiryu recalls a much more grim girl than the one that sits with Fujimiya. Turns out Kiryu went to the same elementary school as Yamagishi and notes that she was very forgetful then and was bullied often for it. Though it seems with this school she’s managed to make friends and looks much more happy.

As Fujimiya and Yamagishi sit together, Fujimiya begins filling her diary with the great fun the two of them have had. When Yamagishi questions her reasons for writing it down, Fujimiya notes that the next day she will not remember meeting her. Despite this, Fujimiya thanks Yamagishi for they time they have had. She notes that she never thought she’d be able to make friends like this. Though Yamagishi mentions that she too at some time didn’t think she could ever make friends either.

After mentioning her past and issues with forgetfulness, Yamagishi points out the difference in her life now. That she’s made friends and has fun. She believes the same will be for Fujimiya. Parting ways, Fujimiya stands alone and is filled with tears.

e5oneweekfriends3That Monday, Yamagishi confronts Fujimiya as she always does. Though Fujimiya passes her by, being as if they have never met. When Yamagishi confronts her in class once more, Fujimiya raises a blank expression and asks her who she is. Despite this, Yamagishi is filled with awe and realizes that Fujimiya was telling the truth. Though after a moment, Fujimiya realizes that she had indeed spent some time with her the previous week.

From a distance, Hase and Kiryu look on as things unfold. Though it seems for a moment that Fujimiya turns to Hase and gives him a smile. Kiryu points out that it seems she actually recognized Hase for once. To which Hase believes that they have finally made progress in breaking her tragic cycle.

As Yamagishi’s friends approach her, they point out Yamagishi’s own silly forgetfulness which causes Fujimiya to laugh. During this time, Yamagishi is pointing out things she has enjoyed about Fujimiya, the main reason being her smile. When Fujimiya realizes her attitude in public, she quickly closes herself up again. However Yamagishi cups her face and asks that she keep smiling.

Fantastic episode. While I found most of the first half to be rather slow and strictly in place for building Yamagishi as a character, the entirety of the episode paid off at the end. The interaction between Fujimiya and Yamagishi in the class room was by far one of the best moments of the show so far.  I’m just glad Yamagishi didn’t turn out to be the “friend stealing” type that the preview made her out to be.

e5oneweekfriends1Just seeing Fujimiya acknowledge Hase was a treat, but not only that but the moment that Fujimiya chuckled in class was a huge step in her character progression. I’m really enjoying how the show places rules and then breaks them to bring a smile on your face.

Though the only thing that wasn’t really explained was just how much of that situation was caused by her remembering alone, or by what was written in her diary. She normally points out in the show the things she reads about versus remembers. And she didn’t mention if she remembered the crepes or read about them. Hopefully this is explained in the following episode.

It looks like Episode 6 will be a doosey. It seems Hase will have an encounter with Fujimiya’s mother. I’m hoping it won’t be a “You’re hurting her, please leave her alone” type of thing. It seems Fujimiya’s mother has been rather open to her friendships she has been forming so I’m just anticipating a tear jerking explanation of Fujimiya’s past instead. Can’t wait!

Episode 5: New Friends





  • Great ending
  • Smile inducing


  • Bit slow first half

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