Episode 5 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School


Things are really starting to heat up as the Magical High School becomes the center focus of national powers.  Making it a perfect war zone for tipping the scales of war in another’s favor.  While the discrimination the students have created may be its downfall, a speech by Mayumi may be the remedy they need.

While Tatsuya performs his regular potential tests at the practice range, Mizuki looks on with a bit of surprise.  While Tatsuya expresses his confusion as to her surprise by his obvious lack of potential in direct magic use, she points out what her unusually powerful eyes perceive.  With his skill, she imagines he could easily perform a magical spell without use of an activation method, though he corrects her in that he doesn’t study magic for use in combat, but rather in systematic use.

Comparing a simple single sequence magic that could push an opponent versus a several sequence magic that can pick up an object, thrust it forward, and then gently rest it elsewhere.  This fills Mizuki with passion towards her views on learning and how much more she wishes to think about her training.  Which is looked at oddly by the surrounding students and places her in embarrassment.

Later Tatsuya meets with Mibu who once again requests his aid in her endeavor to bring the Course 2 students forward and revolt against the discrimination against them.  Though Tatsuya questions her motivation, citing that the curriculum doesn’t discriminate.  She asks him if he does not feel upset by how things are, but it seems Tatsuya merely sees the discrimination being between students and not faculty.

Later that day a group of students lock themselves in the broadcast office and begin calling for the Course 2 students to rise up and join them.  While the disciplinary committee quickly act and cut off their power source, Tatsuya asks what the course of action would be.  It seems both Mari and Katsuto desire to resolve things as peaceful as possible and will allow the Course 2 students to be heard in an open forum.  With this established, Tatsuya calls Mibu on his phone, knowing that she’d be inside the locked office.  He talks her into opening the door and that her freedom would be guaranteed.

e5magichigh5Despite his words, the entire group aside from Mibu are taken into custody.  While Mibu protests their actions as double-crossing, Council President Mayumi arrives to put their fate under her jurisdiction and has them freed.  Seemingly having another plan altogether.  Though it isn’t clear until the following day when Tatsuya asks her plans for the open forum.  It seems she alone will debate with the Course 2 students on the future of the school.

In the halls of the school, many Course 2 students are found recruiting people to join their cause. One, the Kendo captain Kinoe Tsukasa, is found attempting to persuade Mizuki to join. After forcing him to leave by warning of harassment, Mizuki reveals to Tatsuya that Kinoe acknowledges her due to him having the same strength in eye sight as he.

Later that night Tatsuya seeks information from his sensei Yakumo on Kinoe. Seems he’s from the Kamo clan and his family bloodline are not necessarily magically gifted. Not only that, but he seems a likely candidate for a Blanche member as his older step-brother is the leader of the Japanese Branch of Blanche.

Later that day during the open forum, many Course 2 students step forward to question the funds distributed to clubs as well as the discrimination against Course 2 students.  Mayumi points out that the discrimination is strictly between ill mattered students and not within the administration itself.  Though she does acknowledge the unwritten rules against Course 2 students being able to hold primary offices.  To this effect she claims that upon her terms end she will abolish this rule to allow Course 2 students to hold primary office positions.

e5magichigh2As the crowd cries out in cheers of joy at her proposal, tear gas suddenly flies into the windows of the auditorium.  Vice President Guyobu quickly contains the gas in a magical ball and thrusts it back out the window while Mari disables some incoming men wielding guns.  Outside the building, trucks roll in and release a slew of men wielding guns that fire upon the school with rockets and bullets.

Seems like some serious stuff is about to start going down in this show.  I’m happy to see things really start to move.  Though I’m not entirely sure what a band of men wielding guns expect to accomplish against a school filled with magic equipped students.  Perhaps we’ll see a new type of ability or maybe magic disabling equipment that was hinted at before.

I’m also sort of interested in seeing if the president’s words will sway the Course 2 students to assist in keeping the school safe.  I like seeing boundaries break and they have some potential in the story already built.  It also seems like a lot of focus is being given to Mizuki and her gift in sight.  I just hope we don’t see her being used as a tool against Tatsuya as she doesn’t seem like the type to just go along with Kinoe blindly (no pun intended).

Episode 5: Enrollment Part 5





  • Many characters shine
  • Things ramping up


  • Overused sister jealousy joke

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