Episode 6 Impressions: Black Bullet


After the assassination attempt against Seitenshi, things seem to be quite tense around Satomi as he attempts to figure out just who executed it as well as who ordered it. Obvious signs for the order seems to be Saitake Sogen but the assassin themselves may be closer than he thinks.

Satomi takes a much-needed breather the day following the assassination attempt. Relaxing and visiting with his new-found friend Tina, he offers her a nice plate of food. After sprinkling some caffeine pills on it, she tries to eat some while struggling to stay awake. Kindly, Satomi assists her before she claims that she really likes him. Turns out after her parents died, no one has ever been nice to her.

After Tina receives a phone call, she rushes away and requests to see each other again, to which Satomi agrees. Once in an alliway, Tina is told by her commander that the Tendo Offices were part of Seitenshi’s guard and that she is ordered to kill their leader Kisara.

Later Satomi meets up with Miori and gets some insight into the weaponry used in the attack on Seitenshi. Turns out the equipment is high-grade. After Satomi requests that Miori do some research on Saitake Sogen, she attempts to persuade him to join her firm instead of Tendo’s and seems to be tricked into the transaction.

e6blackbullet3Later Satomi meets with Sumire Muroto who has some important details that he should know. Apparently she’s not the only prodigy and part of the New Humanity Creation Plan. In fact 3 others were a part of this Mechanized Soldier Project. She tells him this because while he rises in rank, and seeks answers on his origins, he may face many advanced mechanized soldiers along the way.
Elsewhere Tina finally confronts Kisara, and after confirming her identity, opens fire upon her office in an attempt to kill her. Though Kisara goes on the offensive and slashes Tina’s gun in half. As they exchange blows, Tina gets the upper hand and knocks Kisara against a wall. However Kisara notices Tina’s hands shaking violently. When asked if she fears killing someone, Tina attempts to strangle her to death.

Suddenly Satomi arrives at the office and exchanges blows with Tina before they realize each other’s identity. Tina is thrown off by the identity of the one that stopped her assassination attempt and Satomi is displeased by Tina’s actions and identity as well. Satomi manages to grab Tina and calls for Kisara to break the floor under them. When the dust clears, Tina is nowhere to be found.

e6blackbullet1Later while escorting Seitenshi to yet another meeting with Sogen, Satomi protests her putting herself in such danger while still assuming he’s behind the assassination attempts. Luckily he places her convoy in a military vehicle along side her usual limo. However when they arrive at their destination, sniper fire begins raining down on them. Pushing Seitenshi aside, Satomi is struck by a bullet in the arm.

After rushing Seitenshi back into a vehicle, thy attempt to flee the scene before being forced to rush into a nearby parking garage. After getting Satomi’s approval, Enju rushes to engage the sniper before they get away again, however shortly later Seitenshi informs Satomi that she checked IISO for Tina Sprout and confirmed she’s a Rank 97 Initiator and one of the mechanized soliders. Fearing for Enju’s safety, Satomi calls her by phone but it is answered by the silent listening of Tina.

Pretty solid episode overall. I like the new inclusion of the more fierce threats in line for Satomi to deal with. Adding to it his attempt to keep Seitenshi alive and there’s some good chemistry building here. However I couldn’t care less about Miori and Kisara’s brief and often out-of-place competition.

I also really enjoy Tina as a character. Just something about that cute personality being mixed with a dark intent. Though I was happy to see it wasn’t a typical act, but in fact just them not knowing each other’s identity. It’s cuter that way! Hopefully they don’t kill her off like they did with Senju (RIP).

Episode 6: Tragic Irony





  • More character progression
  • Tina is adorable
  • Decent drama


  • Not enough unique elements

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