Episode 6 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


It seems even the world of Nanana’s Buried Treasure is not immune to the typical hot spring episode.  As the show struggles to create any hope to a unique and engaging world, it decides to take an unneeded break for a hot springs episode with an odd twist.

Upon arriving at the hot springs resort as planned by Yuiga, the troop gets settled in to their rooms but only after a glancing run in with Yukihime. As the group sits down for a casual meal, Yuiga’s assistant Tsurezure Kagetora attempts to get Daruku to admit that he enjoys his chopsticks after Tensai uses them. Following this silly ordeal, Juugo along with Tensai and Daruku enter the ping-pong room where Yukihime storms out at the sight of Juugo. This leads to a match between Tensai and Juugo where she tries to get Juugo to admit his lover’s quarrel.

Later that night the club members meet for Yuiga to explain his findings. A nearby abandoned building houses the ruins they seek and Tensai with her usual analysis pinpoints a possible room for it to be in. While the plan was to enter the building the following day, Yuiga along with his two assistants leave before them. When Juugo, Tensai, and Daruku arrive at the building, they find the trio already dealing with several defeats. Yuiga brushes off their early arrival as his inability to resist seeking the treasure quickly.

As the group enters the ruins, it turns out to be a large hot spring with many columns that rise, fall, and shoot steaming water from their tops. Tensai pushes Daruku forward to be shot with one of these geisers which throws Tsurezure and Juugo into a conflicting reaction. While Yuiga attempts to help him back onto the platform, Yuu looks on with jealousy. When she attempts to draw Yuiga’s attention by falling purposely, he responds with an acknowledgement that she can handle herself. This makes her punch Kagetora to ease her frustration.

e6nanana1Springing into action, Juugo and Kagetora take a wide lead. Reaching the end with ease. Though both arrive at the end, Juugo claims he’ll make the platform. However Kagetora doesn’t take his warning and is instead thrown through a trap door and back to the entrance. Juugo arrives at the chest which triggers the ruins to reset to a flat surface. Inside the chest rests a small cat plush that Yuiga doesn’t recognize.

Seeking a much-needed rest, the club hits the hot springs where Yuu struggles to catch a peek of Yuiga. Though Juugo momentarily blocks her view and causes her to gouge his eye. Upon leaving the springs, Yuiga discovers that the treasure had been stolen and the entire resort is called to the lobby for questioning. Yukihime is quickly called into question due to her thievery side, and while Juugo defends her, Tensai questions his reasoning.

Out of nowhere, Daruku arrives with the treasure in hand stating that he found it in the laundry room. That’s when Tensai calls into question one of the hostess. Claiming that she is indeed the man with a thousand faces. He chuckles and confirms that it is indeed him which leads Tensai to be shocked that she was right. Apparently it was a complete guess. The thief then gases the room before fleeing.

During their trip home, Tensai confronts Juugo with an odd theory. That he had in fact been feeding the Matsuri information the entire time. That he also worked with them in order to steal the treasure. He chuckles at the thought and Tensai reaffirms her rivalry with him.

e6nanana4Back at Juugo’s apartment, the club meets with Nanana in order to get information on the treasure they had found. She confirms that the doll is in fact not one of her treasures and doesn’t know what it is. All signs seem to point to the doll in fact being a fake and that someone got there before them and put the doll in the treasure’s place. This leads Yuiga to a sorrowful exit and Juugo being left behind to a very angry Nanana. Most likely due to her never receiving her promised pudding.

Well, looks like Juugo pulled a fast one on the group this round. At some point Tensai notes that Juugo is quite familiar with the ruins despite it apparently being his first time there. Tying this in with his desire for his own room (claiming he snores), he obviously snuck out in the middle of the night to snatch the treasure and replace it with a doll. The ruse being that he wanted to get pudding for Nanana.  Unfortunate for Nanana, the package he sent was most likely the treasure, and not her pudding.

While the double agent aspect of Juugo was slightly interesting, the episode still lacked any substance really. I claimed last week that this episode would be a deciding factor for my impression’s continuation, but leaving the decision to a hot springs episode is a bit unfair.

That said it was still a standard hot spring episode, despite having a ruin-of-the-week thrown into the mix. There was a few chuckle moments but despite that, absolutely zero development of the characters. Besides Tsurezure being Yuu’s punching bag and Daruku being a disturbingly obsessed with Tensai’s spit. I guess the only redeeming element is Juugo pretty much showing that he isn’t Yuiga’s tool despite playing along with his obvious deception.

Episode 6: To The Hot Springs Town





  • Some comedy
  • Juugo isn’t a tool


  • Obligatory Hot Spring Trope
  • No real substance

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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