Episode 6 Impressions: One Week Friends


What better way to spend your Mother’s Day than to sit down with One Week Friends and hear the heartbreaking tale from the eyes of Fujimiya’s mother. Well, when you’re not spending time with your own mother that is. Without a doubt, moms know best. So get ready to get a little teary eyed as we get the origins to Fujimiya’s problems.

Turns out Hase is not doing any better with his studies than we already knew. For this reason, he as well as Yamagishi are forced to take a make-up test for a recently failed test. The teacher warns that if they fail they will have their test answers passed out throughout the class. Following this announcement, Hase pleas for Fujimiya to help him study for the make-up test. While they have no place to study at in mind, Fujimiya suggests holding the practice at her house. This throws Hase into a fluster, but after Yamagishi arrives and asks the same of Fujimiya, the group of friends are off to Fujimiya’s house. Including Kiryu by unknown chance.

After arriving at Fujimiya’s house, the group of friends meet a rather flustered mother. A mother seemingly excited at the idea that her daughter has friends and that they are visiting. As she rushes to get some snacks for the group, Fujimiya takes them to her room to get started. Once there, Yamagishi and Kiryu make themselves comfortable and begin reading some of her novels she has sitting around. While Hase keeps up an uncomfortable stance, Kiryu notices Fujimiya’s sign that tells her to read her diary for information on Hase (her friend). While she’s embarrassed by them seeing it, Hase is pleased to see how much she goes through to remember him.

Shortly later while the group is hard at work with studies, it becomes quickly obvious that the two flunkies are doomed. Though Fujimiya keeps working hard to explain their problems. After some time, Fujimiya’s mother enters the room with melon bread and tea for the group and Fujimiya introduces everyone. Though her mother quickly takes note of Hase, of who Fujimiya apparently talks about a lot. Even if most of it is embarrassing for Hase to hear.

e6oneweekfriends6At some point, Hase excuses himself to the restroom and Yamagishi falls over asleep leaving Fujimiya alone with Kiryu. He points out her nervousness which springs Yamagishi into friendship mode. Following Hase’s return, they begin putting the two through tests to improve their relationship. Though most of them fail due to Kiryu’s obvious shortness in words. After a while, Yamagishi leaves the blame to Kiryu. However Fujimiya claims she’ll try her hardest because Kiryu and Hase are great friends.

After the group takes their leave for the night, Fujimiya’s mother hands Hase a slip of paper and the group leaves for home. Later Hase reads the note to find a request for his presence at the park after school. While he struggles at what the conversation might be about, he goes anyways. Once there, Fujimiya’s mother teases him about people seeing her as having an affair. Noting her joking behavior, the conversation turns more serious.

After asking his reasons for befriending Fujimiya, to which he’s unable to answer, her mother decides to tell him everything she knows about her daughter’s affliction. While she doesn’t know why she has the memory issues, she does know how it started. Apparently when she was younger, she was rushing across a street and got hit by a car. Following this accident, she awoke to find her mother and her friends. While she recognized her mother, she could not remember who her friends were. Ever since then, she can’t remember friends passed a week and the accident occurred on a Sunday.

When Hase asked if she was possible going to meet a friend, Fujimiya’s mother recalled that she was in fact going to meet a dear friend of hers, though she’s not entirely sure who or for what reason. With this said, the two part ways and Hase is left with a frustrating feeling of helplessness. Knowing the limits of his powers to change anything.

e6oneweekfriends4The next day Fujimiya is greeted by many girls in class. As Hase enters, he greets her as well. Though later at lunch Hase apologizes for assuming it was okay to talk in class. However Fujimiya admits that it made her happy to hear him say “Good Morning.” Furthermore, she points out the one thing in her diary that she sees every week, “Will you be my friend again?” ¬†She asks if she can look forward to hearing that next week as well.

The writers have once again knocked another episode out of the park. While most of the beginning was a bit slow, it turned around towards the second half in learning more about the origins of Fujimiya’s affliction and the trust her mother has with Hase.

I’m happy to finally get a glimpse into Fujimiya’s past. It’s made obvious that she intended to see a friend but it also put to rest the idea that she was hurt by a friend. If she awoke with the affliction, then her actions prior to the accident and the accident itself was definitely the cause. Perhaps it’s something she seen that caused her to rush out to into the road?

I also really thought the ending was great. I figured the show would keep things to strictly friends but seeing how much Fujimiya has come to cherish Hase is great. Though I may be looking a bit too far into things, the note from her diary that she brought up as well as her actions while taping up her poster sung a great love projection for the future. Which, to be honest, I’m all for!

The other great moment in the ending portion was the moment that Fujimiya was telling her mother about her friends. The mother had mentioned to Hase that before the accident, her daughter made friends easily and she loved hearing stories she told about her friends. It was a pure moment of realizing that her mother gets to hear those stories again and is filled with joy. I just about had tears for that split moment that I connected those two points.

Episode 6: Mothers of Friends





  • Insights into Fujimiya’s home
  • Touching perspective of the mother
  • Heartwarming moments


  • A little slow at first

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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