Episode 6 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School


When last we left the First Magic High School it was being attacked by Blanche members. Though their purpose at first seemed to be in causing some sort of rift in the magical academy’s strength within that nation, Tatsuya and his friends would soon discover the truth behind it.

As Tatsuya and Miyuki head to the battlefield within the school grounds, they meet up with Erika and Leo. Before assessing the situation, the counselor Haruka Ono also arrives to inform the members that the bombing they experienced was a divergence and that the main focus was the library. After Tatsuya requests they speak after everything is over, Ono requests that Tatsuya help Mibu and give her a chance. Though he finds this unreasonable, much to Leo’s dislike.

While heading to the library, Leo breaks off from the group to engage the terrorists in the courtyard. Utilizing brute strength, a CAD glove, voice activated spells, and shield enhancements to take down his foes. When they arrive at the library, Tatsuya uses his senses to get a layout of the enemy. Afterwards, Erika makes quick work of the men in the main hall while Tatsuya and Miyuki rush to the main group held up in the Special Reading Room.

Within the room, Mibu questions their purpose for the attack. Realizing that the true purpose was not to stop the discrimination by magic but rather just to steal cutting edge research material. When Tatsuya and Miyuki break into the room, Tatsuya destroys the data containment cube and begins to persuade Mibu to realize the foolishness of her joining forces with the terrorists.

Miyuki takes pity on Mibu, noting that she has a lot of burden upon herself because of the skill her sister is praised for. Though she notes that even if things were different with her own brother, she would still love him. While Mibu discounts this notion, Miyuki realizing that she doesn’t in fact face discrimination by others, but rather that the only one that hates her status is in fact herself. This revelation hits Mibu hard, but before she can reply, the terrorists take action and call for her to use her anti-magic ring. While Tatsuya makes quick work of the two men with raw fighting skill, Mibu flees the room. Thought Tatsuya calls for Miyuki to let her go, knowing full well that Erika will stop her.
e6magichigh4In the main hall, Erika confronts Mibu who quickly draws a club in hand. She threatens Erika to which she replies that any actions from that point will be self-defense. As they engage one another, Erika uses acceleration arts. Even though Mibu uses her ring to stop her abilities, Erika still manages to shatter her weapon. Mibu notes that her fighting style is similar to Watanabe and the two agree to go all out. Mibu grabs a nearby blade and removes her ring while Erika readies herself. Though despite words, in a blink of an eye Erika shatters Mibu’s arm and wins the battle. Afterwards Erika praises Mibu for causing a Chiba member to go all out. While Watanabe is also a member of Chiba as a desciple, she claims her abilities are actually higher than hers.

Nearby, Tsukasa attempts to flee the school but is quickly taken down by Koutaro Tatsumi and Midori Sawaki. After the smoke clears, Mibu reveals that Tsukasa had been using the Kendo club to recruit members for his cause as a member of Blanche. When pressed on why she went through with it, she revealed that she felt insulted by Watanabe when she attempted to join her club. Claiming Watanabe told her that she wasn’t skilled enough and should seek out people who matched her skill. Though Watanabe recalled that day and corrected her in that she said she was too skilled for her and should find a person to train with that could push her further. Mibu becomes embarrassed by her foolishness and is sorrowful for having held a grudge for so long over a stupid misunderstanding.

Afterwards Tatsuya claims that he will find the Blanche office responsible for the attack and eradicate them. While Saegusa, Watanabe, and Jumonji object to the idea, Tatsuya doesn’t stand down and claims that getting the police involved will only jeopardise the students and his hope for a peaceful future for him and Miyuki. That said, the present members agree to taking on the assault. While Watanabe and Saegusa are unable to leave with more attacks still imminent, Jumonji along with Erika, Leo, and Miyuki join forces with Tatsuya.

e6magichigh1As the members plan their trip with information supplied by Ono who was attempting to listen in on the conversation, Jumonji heads out to his car. He’s confronted by Takeaki Kirihara who requests to go along. After Jumonji pushes him for the real reason behind wanting to join, Takeaki admits that he’s always found Mibu’s sword skills to be amazing and always felt recently that something had been holding her back. He also admits the real reason he wants to take down the Blanche office is for revenge in what they did to ruin Mibu’s ability. For this reason, Jumonji agrees to let him join.

A fairly good episode filled with some great fights. I was really pumped to see Erika and Mibu go head to head. While I enjoyed seeing just how awesome Erika was, I was a bit disappointed to see Mibu fall so easily. I guess it goes in line with what Takeaki said, in that her skills have recently been slipping due to her involvement.

Leo also had quite a bit of time to shine. I enjoyed his combination of brute strength and shielding. I think him and Erika are turning out to be quite the pairing. Deadly speed with brute defense would be quite an unstoppable team. Even though I’m in the camp for ErikaXTatsuya!

I’m glad to see despite everything that Mibu had things turn around. Even though the catalyst¬†for turning on the school and claiming discrimination was because of an extremely stupid misunderstanding. It also turns out that my speculation of Ono was on the spot. Even if it wasn’t fully revealed, I’m sure she was using her counseling position to further push the cause for Blanche.

The next episode will probably be another whopper of a fight. Perhaps we will see some of the Yotsubas clan show up that Tatsuya mentioned back in Episode 4.

Episode 6: Enrollment Part VI





  • Good fights
  • Erika and Leo were epic
  • Good foreshadowing


  • Mibu’s reasoning

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