Episode 7 Impressions: Black Bullet


When last we left Satomi and Enju, the famed rank 97 mechanical Initiator had gotten the better of them.  Taking down Enju after Satomi discovered her rank.  Fearing the worst, we finally get to discover the fate of our young heroine. 

Satomi rushes to the hospital where Enju is being taken care of. Fortunately her injuries were not fatal, but the incident has left her deeply sedated and possibly out for two days. Satomi is grieved by the suffering of his partner, however the whole ordeal just seems to bolster his resolve to protect the ones he loves.

Inspecting the crime scene, he discovers that Enju was attacked by a well orchestrated defensive attack involving 4 shots from 4 different locations. Upon speaking to Muroto Sumire, he discovers a possible tactic employed by Tina Sprout using remote flying cameras to see her prey from a distance. Muroto also admits to Satomi that her work has never been pleasing to her looking back, but seeing Satomi rise in the way he has gives her comfort in clearing her conscience.

After being informed by Seitenshi’s third attempted meeting with Saitake Sogen by Second Lieutenant Yasuwaki Takuto, Satomi forcefully advises him to set up a fake route so that he can face Tina head on and put an end to it. Though many including Tina herself know that Satomi doesn’t stand a chance against her. So to prepare, he asks for the aid of Miori to train in combatting long-range simulations on in a virtual battlefield. As Miori is struck by his skill, Kisara fills her in on his implanted eye modifications allowing him to target from long distance.

Elsewhere Tina is informed by his commander she calls Professor (Ayn) Rand that both her targets she has been ordered to kill are still alive. He also tells her that failure would mean she would have to kill herself. Something she of course does not desire, but her conflict is obvious as Satomi knows full well she could have killed Enju.

e7blackbullet7The following day Satomi confronts Tina in a sector housing 3 skyscrapers. After Tina greets Satomi on his phone, she asks that he turn away and leave. However he doesn’t back down and rushes in. After avoiding several shots from different skyscrapers, he rushes into one of the buildings and begins shooting down Tina’s hovering cameras. When he finally finds Tina, he rushes her and begins close quarters combat. Though after his flash grenade fails to trigger, he’s struck by a detonating fourth hovering camera and thrown to a wall. While nearly giving up, he mentions to Tina how sad it is that she must kill. Shaking her hesitation, Tine raises her gun to take the shot.

However after Satomi recalls the cries of Enju, the flash grenade triggers and blinds Tina’s sensitive eyes giving Satomi the chance to stand and retaliate with a barrage of heavy blows to Tina. After taking her down, Satomi eventually lowers his gun despite Tina’s pleas for a swift death. Upon carrying her out of the destroyed skyscraper, Tina demands that Satomi take responsibility for allowing her to break her protocol.

Unfortunately Tina is shot in the chest by Second Lieutenant Yasuwaki Takuto and Satomi is thrown into a rage. While he’s held down by two other guards, Yasuwaki threatens to see how many normal bullets it would take to kill Tina. However thankfully Seitenshi arrives to order Yasuwaki to stand down. When Seitenshi asks Satomi what it is that he’s after in saving her life, Satomi replies that he seeks the power to protect the ones he loves. In response to this, Seitenshi orders that Satomi be raised to rank 300 and top-secret access level be raised to 5.

Coincidentally this puts Satomi above Yasuwaki in rank. Satomi turns and shoots Yasuwaki’s trigger finger off and orders him to leave and never threaten Tina’s life again, or else he’ll kill him. Afterwards, Tina is taken into Seitenshi’s custody and being interrogated and Satomi hopes that her sentence is light. It also turns out that Seitenshi left her regular meeting with Sogen after suspecting Yasuwaki’s plans which has left Sogen not so pleased.

e7blackbullet4Despite all this, Satomi ends up running into Tina at the Tendo Civil Service Office after Kisara hires her to work there. Despite his shock, Satomi accepts the circumstances with a fair warning that he won’t be held responsible.

A rather shocking end to the entire ordeal. Despite the show seeming to not shy away from killing off some of the initiators. While I did enjoy the action in this episode, as well as the drama involved with Satomi taking down Tina, a lot of the transpiring dialog was rather jarring. Example being Seitenshi asking Satomi what his intentions are. Why on earth was that the first thing on her mind after finding Satomi rescuing Tina and Yasuwaki pondering how many bullets it would take to kill a cursed child?

I thought Satomi made his intentions quite clear the first 3 times he spent hours protecting her from an assassin. Then there’s the odd phone call where Satomi yells “It spotted me!” and then has to be told to hide from the obvious remote activated gunfire.

Odd writing aside, the episode was still a fairly solid one. Managing to explore Satomi’s abilities more as well as hint at more of Muroto’s past. Based on the preview, it seems that we’ll be meeting yet another adversary. I just hope it doesn’t turn into Yasuwaki gaining some new-found powers and exacting his revenge. The dude has over stayed his welcome. Tropish psychopath that he is.

Episode 7: In the still of the Moonlit Night, the Dawn Sky





  • Muroto’s past
  • More of Satomi’s abilities revealed
  • Tina’s redemption


  • Some jarring dialog exchanges

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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