Episode 7 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


Things have always been obviously shaky between Juugo and Yukihime, however the reasons have remained unclear for quite some time. After the events at the hot springs however, Juugo gets a much-needed nudge to clear the air.

After calming the flames of the agitated ghost of Nanana, we discover that Juugo had sold her prized video games in order to get some much-needed cash. While some pudding has managed to quell the flames, it seems Juugo is struggling with the hatred Yukihime now shows him. After revealing to Nanana (and subsequently Tensai) that he stole the treasure out from under not only Yuiga but also Yukihime, Nanana talks him into confronting his old master.

This leads Juugo to calling up the network of Matsuri in order to get a meeting with Yukihime. However his intentions are not to make peace with the Matsuri, but rather discover what he really means to her. After a requested duel, it seems that all of their pent-up frustrations with each other may finally be dished out. However they also may finally make peace with their past.

While most of this episode seemed rather poor and uneventful, the whole entire encounter between Yukihime and Juugo was really well-played. I really enjoyed seeing a whole new side of Yukihime while she struggles with her feelings for her old master. It just makes you beg that she shed her ties with Matsuri and join Juugo in his recent endeavors.

Not only that but I also enjoyed seeing Nanana play a more comforting role rather than her typical eat, play, and bug the hell out of Juugo mentality. As I’ve stated before, Nanana’s Buried Treasure is really treading some shaky ground with me. Mainly in that they aren’t fleshing out their cast. This episode really changed my mind in working with Yukihime and Nanana. However we’ll have to see if that continues moving forward.

Episode 7: Counseling For Bad Guys





  • Yukihime’s character progressed
  • Nanana’s status changed


  • Still too many characters untouched.

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