Episode 7 Impressions: One Week Friends


As Hase and Fujimiya grow closer and closer, it seems that their efforts to help remedy Fujimiya’s memory loss have some shred of hope. Fujimiya no longer seems to have trouble spotting Hase, but rather faintly recognizes him even though she still has to read about him in her diary.

While they seem to be growing closer, Fujimiya has also managed to meet many more friends. While it means she is opening to more and more people, it unfortunately means Hase is being slowly pushes aside.  Though that doesn’t mean Hase is any less important to Fujimiya. As she’s questioned during PE by her friends, it becomes that not only is he important but that Fujimiya is rather innocent as compared to her friends. As they hint about a love relationship, Fujimiya openly admits how dear he is to her. Sending the girls into a blushing frenzy.

Later when Fujimiya and Hase have lunch together, in an attempt to spend some alone time with Fujimiya, Hase asks if she could tutor him for his finals. She suggests bringing Yamagishi along but Hase quickly shoots down the idea and requests that they study alone. While not knowing his reasons, Fujimiya politely agrees.

While alone during their studies, the conversation switches to Fujimiya’s knowledge in general but specifically math.  Fujimiya points out that she only started pushing herself around fifth grade though she doesn’t know why.  Suddenly Kiryu passes by the classroom where the two study alone and is rudely pushes away by Hase.  While Kiryu is bothered by Hase’s doing as he wishes, he knows that Hase could say the same to him.  As Kiryu heads downstairs, he bumps into Yamagishi who once again doesn’t recall his name.  Though he dismisses her once she questions him for his first name.

e7oneweekfriends4Alone once again, Fujimiya begins to note her lack of redeeming value, which triggers Hase to defend her as smart and cute.  Though realizing his cute statement sends them both into a blush and a rather awkward moment.  Fujimiya breaks the ice once again by mentioning that his comment caught her off guard and that she’s never had a boy refer to her like that.  She follows up that it makes her happy.  This charming interaction is suddenly interrupted by Yamagishi who enters the classroom under orders by her teacher to hang up a poster in the classroom.  She requests Hase’s assistance who quickly jumps to help.  As they work to hang up the poster, Fujimiya watches from a distance in a silent almost admiration.  After some friends enter the classroom, they notify Yamagishi that the teacher wants her back at the library.  Leaving the two alone once again.

Some days pass and Hase becomes distraught over the thought of summer vacation.  Mainly because it would mean that he would not be able to see Fujimiya on a regular basis.  While he stresses over this, Kiryu in his normal blunt fashion points out that he could just set up a schedule with her.  Being excited over this thought, Hase rushes to catch Fujimiya after school.  Oddly enough, Fujimiya seems shocked by the realization that they wouldn’t be able to see each other as well.  So the two set up a regular meeting during summer break.

e7oneweekfriends3Upon their first scheduled meeting, Hase realizes that they never really set a location.  After checking at Fujimiya’s house, her mother informs him that she had already left, though she’s not sure where.  In response to this, Hase heads to the only place he could think of, the school roof.  Luckily, he finds her there standing at their normal meeting place.  Even though a Monday had passed, she surprisingly recognizes him much to their surprise.

While not one of the most eventful episodes, it did have a lot of love development undertones. From the school courtyard gossip, to the cute comments Hase made, to the long stare that is highlighted when Hase assists Yamagishi. All of it seems to be pushing their relationship to more than friends. Which could account for Fujimiya starting to recognize him without having him greet her first.

I am getting slightly annoyed by Hase’s behavior against Kiryu. Slowly pushing him away and being downright rude. It’s just annoying with how much Kiryu is a part of his progression with Fujimiya. Though I’m riding on the bandwagon that Kiryu is a bit more involved with Fujimiya’s past. I guess we’ll get more next episode as it looks to be a bit about him.

Episode 7: Friends of “Ah.” Friends of “Whew.”





  • Hase and Fujimiya get closer
  • Fujimiya recognizing Hase
  • Cute moments


  • Slightly uneventful

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