Episode 8 Impressions: Black Bullet


Even with the recent threats put to rest, it seems that the peace Satomi enjoys is soon interrupted by a looming threat that could wipe out the entire Tokyo area within days. Despite his standing rank, the trust for the future of mankind is placed on his shoulders. A weight that only he can carry.

Seeking to take a more active role in helping the discarded Cursed Children, Satomi begins teaching at the Tokyo Area 39th District Elementary School. A thrown together school in the destroyed and abandoned districts of the outer world. Though his lessons are put on hold as Seitenshi arrives to give Satomi some grave news.

Turns out one of the monoliths is in danger of completely collapsing as it was attacked by a level four Gastrea that injected it with a corrosive solution. While it puzzles them that a level four could be unaffected by the magnetic force, the result is dire. In response, Seitenshi enlists Satomi to put together an adjuvant to fight the over 2000 estimated invading Gastrea while a new monolith is built to replace it.

Taking Tina with him, Satomi seeks out the aid of surrounding civil offices to join his adjuvant. However anti-Cursed Children movements rise as a murder is reported to be caused by a Cursed Child. Making their efforts seem less appealing.

I was surprisingly entertained by this episode. Of course, most of that is due to the prevalent screen time of Tina Sprout. Of which I can’t get enough of. I’m happy to see Satomi finally making more effort in aiding the cursed children. Putting more effort where his mouth is. Even if it was so quickly snuffed out. I honestly could have gone for an episode of exploring the abandoned Cursed Children and giving aid to them.

On the flip side, I got quite a few chuckles out of the awesomeness that is Tina Sprout. As cliché as it was, her waking up to Kisara had me laughing so hard. Not because of the awfully inappropriate things she said, but rather Satomi’s response. It was almost like “Tina.. hey.. you need to stop!”

The other priceless moment was the rank calling before the fight between Satomi and the Katagiri Office. The moment they called their rank, I thought “Dude, Tina is going to wipe the floor with you!” In the end, Tina was epic. Sadly, I foresee Tina being sacrificed in order to put an emphasis on the power of a Gastrea. Though I was wrong before!

Episode 8: The Monument on the Border





  • Tina is awesome
  • Few chuckles
  • Nice battle scene


  • Some cliché moments

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