Episode 8 Impressions: One Week Friends


What better way to spend your summer vacation than to take a trip to the beach.  As Fujimiya and Hase deal with the summer heat, Fujimiya ends up recommending just that.  Though this isn’t the romantic getaway that Hase may want, but rather a group outing that will fill Fujimiya’s diary with irreplaceable memories.

After Hase manages to rope Kiryu into tagging along, Kiryu manages to get in contact with Yamagishi who jumps at the thought of going. Altogether, the group rushes off to the beach, only to find a bad storm rolling through that puts quite a damper on their plans. However that doesn’t stop them from having fun when they walk into a nearby arcade which Fujimiya has never been to before.

All the while during their time at the beach, questions come up from both Kiryu and Yamagishi as to just what Hase and Fujimiya’s relationship is. When Kiryu questions Fujimiya, she mentions a tightening of her chest when she seen Yamagishi with Hase. At the same time, Yamagishi casually teases Hase on what a catch Fujimiya is. This expands further as Kiryu seemingly keeps Yamagishi busy at times so that Hase can confront Fujimiya alone.

Despite my assumptions based on the last preview, this episode was in fact not about Hase. Though Hase seemed to be rather assisting of Hase’s quest to get some alone time with Fujimiya. All in all it was a pleasant episode. Going into it, I wasn’t even concerned by it being a typical beach episode. I had trust that they wouldn’t make it useless.

That said, I was a bit disappointed in that nothing really significant happened. I did like seeing Fujimiya (FINALLY) get a picture of her friends, which I’m sure will play a huge role later. I also liked that Fujimiya seems to be learning love through all this. She’s just so pure that it’s cute to watch.

I’m absolutely terrified of the next episode. Being titled “Last Day With Friends” which was following a reveal of a returning kid to Tokyo. I’m assuming he’s probably the catalyst that broke Fujimiya and I’m so not looking forward to what damage he will cause. He just screams “Danger!”

Episode 8: The Beach With Friends





  • Fujimiya learning love
  • Some chuckle moments


  • Bad guy returns?!

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