Episode 8 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School


Following the recent overthrowing of the local Blanche organization near the First Magic High School, things return to a relatively normal pace. Though the students aren’t able to rest up too much as they begin preparations to compete in the Nine Schools Competition.

As Yakumo helps train Miyuki for her competition in the Mirage Bat and Ice Pillars Break tournaments, it comes to light that Haruka Ono is actually an old student of Yakumo. Not only that, but she’s actually a Public Safety investigator for the police and requests that Tatsuya keep it a secret. Though Tatsuya exchanges silence for her to be his informant on Blanche activity.

Outside of Miyuki’s training, the school also attempts to get volunteers to be CAD engineers during the Nine Schools Competition. It becomes quickly obvious that Tatsuya is perfect for the job. Though despite recent events, it seems that the competing students still don’t trust a Course 2 student with their CAD gear. It will be up to Tatsuya and many volunteering guinea pigs to convince every one of his skills.

e8irregular5Even with the competition becoming closer and closer, Tatsuya still manages to see time to converse with his leadership. The major contacts Tatsuya about the completion of an overhaul for the Third Eye weapon and seeks his aid to update and run tests. Tatsuya agrees before heading off to put the finishing touches on his newest spell that manages to once again win the heart of his sister Miyuki.

What an extremely boring episode. Completely uneventful even if it contained a few nuggets of world building. It was nice to finally see some tie-ins with Tatsuya’s military comrades, however it didn’t save the rest of the show. We got more of Azusa Nakajo flipping out over Tatsuya’s CAD guns, Miyuki being jealous, and even Tatsuya somehow fabricating amazing leaps in science despite his busy school and activity schedule. I also found it comical that Azusa has a flight paper to write, on what seems to be the same day Tatsuya goes home and breaks the code.  I’m sorry but I’m getting a bit tired of how overly amazing Tatsuya is.

All things considered, I was very glad to see that Takeaki Kirihara decided to keep his cloths on for Tatsuya’s CAD duplication presentation. Because we all know Miyuki had to strip for some reason.  Maybe I’m just being overly bitter.  At least the bloomers situation brought me a chuckle.

Episode 8: Nine Schools Competition Part I





  • Uneventful
  • Slow
  • Overplaying Tatsuya’s skills


  • Some world building

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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