Episode 10 Impressions: Black Bullet


With the looming threat of the Aldebaran right at Tokyo’s doorstep, Satomi keeps his wits about him by continuing to aid in the rundown school in the outercity district. Though it seems his resolve will be tested as a tragedy arises.

While teaching for the outercity Cursed Children, Satomi questions each of the girls on their ambitions for the future. However most seem like they don’t see much in their future. In response to this, Satomi takes the entire class on a big field trip into the city to see the sights. Including the monument built to remember those who died during the great battle against the Gastrea’s first appearance.

When the girls question the coming battle, Satomi assures them that he will protect them. Which leads them to thank him with much affection. Though this happiness soon turns grim as Satomi learns more about the Monolith that is in danger, as well as being faced with the now shaking resolve of his beloved Kisara.

As things unfold, Satomi is faced with a grim reminder of the darkest side of Tokyo. This would ultimately shake his resolve and make him question if he’s even willing to fight for the people who the great monoliths shield.

I’m a bit mixed on if I enjoyed this episode or not. It definitely went for some major shock value in the tragedy that befalls Satomi. I was saddened to see what happened, but at the same time I felt it wasn’t executed very well.

e10blackbullet3Outside from the tragedy itself, the show did an amazing job of making myself question the validity of actually protecting Tokyo. It’s been a long running theme since Hiruko Kagetane proposed it to Satomi near the beginning of the series. This episode just solidified it.

The humans they protect are nasty people, and even with their constant protection by the use of Curse Children, they aren’t getting any better. So why bother? Just leave them and be with the Cursed Children.

Getting more into episode spoilers, despite this tragedy and clear lines drawn, he’s still swayed so easily back to the right path. Thanks to a simple pep talk by Kisara. It was rather disingenuous and just didn’t seem all too believable. I believed his turning on humans, and thought it would be a great route for the show, but instead he just snaps right back into place.

All that aside, I was a bit interested in the final scenes. Could the blind girl be involved? Or was the entire scene just in place for artistic reasons? Thanks to the preview, I got a spoiler for the next episode. A returning cast member, and I’m all for it!

Episode 10: Tokyo Area Defensive Battle





  • Dark change of pace
  • Good build up
  • Cute moments


  • Bad writing in Satomi’s redemption

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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