Episode 10 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


With the season coming to a close, there seems to be only one major villain to take down.  Questions are starting to rise in just  how much will be concluded for this series or if it will push into multiple seasons.  With such a poor first 9 episodes, do we really want more?


There are two stalkers in this picture.

The search is on for the location of the ruins at the mall.  Thanks to the aid of Nanana, they have a very crucial clue to lead them there.  After exercising each of their own skills, they manage to locate the ruins and make their way in during the dark of night.

Though once inside, it seems the knowledge of the 13 zodiac are needed.  But thanks to Tensai’s knowledge, they make it in with relatively little danger (sort of).  Along the way, they end up finding a bloodied handbag that could only be a victim of the deadly spikes throughout it.

Once at the box, they are greeted by a challenging lock that only a mind like Tensai can unravel.  Though as they ponder the puzzle, Ikusaba arrives to explain his plans of putting several people in danger to crack the code for him.


Don’t, ever, touch, Tensai!

Finally a rather engaging episode.  I was hooked from beginning to end and was entertained the whole time.  There was some interesting use of strategy and combat throughout the episode and the drama had me wanting more.

It was nice to finally see Yuiga step up and take some action.  The use of his treasure was slick and believable.  Alternately I was a bit upset to see Tensai getting hit.  No, I was furious.  Though her typical strategic self didn’t fail to use it against Ikusaba.

It’s sort of sad that this was finally an episode I was really engaged with, seeing as most sources say it will only be 11 episodes.  I honestly don’t see how it can wrap up at all nicely with only one more episode.  It will either be left on them walking into the sunset talking about hunting for more treasure, or botch the murder mystery for Nanana.  I see the previous more so and leaving it open for more seasons.  In the end, it hasn’t been an enjoyable series.

Episode 10: Showdown





  • Engaging events
  • Rather dark
  • Well crafted strategies


  • Tensai being hit

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