Episode 10 Impressions: One Week Friends


It seems that after our previous episode, all the work that Hase has done had gone to waste.  In an instance, the arrival of a boy named Kujo Hajime had triggered some sort of episode in Fujimiya that reset her memory once more.  

Luckily Hase once again refuses to let this get in the way. Offering his friendship once again, Fujimiya connects him to her diary at home and the two seem to hit it off. Though as Fujimiya tries to remember who Kujo is, it becomes a pain for her.

Later, Hase expresses his frustration against the transfer student and the breaking of all the progress they have achieved thus far. Though his conversation with Kiryu is cut short when Kujo arrives to express his distaste for Fujimiya, as well as test the waters of relationship between Hase and Fujimiya. While it seems something is truly behind Kujo’s hatred for Fujimiya, Hase is unable to get a solid reason out of him.

It isn’t until later when Fujimiya waits for Hase to buy crepes that Kujo confronts Fujimiya alone that he realizes that Fujimiya truly doesn’t remember him. Though he believes it’s because his friendship was one-sided. When two girls that were with Kujo join the conversation, it turns out that they too knew Fujimiya back in middle school, however their teasing her about hooking up with Kujo triggers a traumatic memory lapse. This sends Fujimiya rushing away.

Well, call me impressed for the story not following a rather trivial formula. It seems Kujo isn’t a complete jerk, but rather a casualty to a rather unfortunate set of events. I loved how the episode really gave us a small glimpse into his perspective and to see that not everything is so black and white. Honestly, I could say Hase is a bigger jerk than Kujo.

e10isshuukan2The scene between Yamagishi and Kiryu was absolutely adorable. I’m really liking them as a couple and I was rooting for Yamagishi as she boldly proposed a relationship to Kiryu. It was both innocent, bold, and adorable at the same time. Then of course seeing Kiryu’s reaction was priceless.

I’m really hoping that the show eventually addresses Hase’s selfishness. I noticed the entire episode he was concerned about “His hard work” instead of really focusing on the pain Fujimiya was going through. It seems a common thing with him that his only concern is gaining favor with Fujimiya, almost too clingy. Which fuels my idea that he’s worst than Kujo.

Getting more into spoiler territory for this episode, it really does look like Fujimiya was painted wrongly in some bullying by her friends because she got too close to Kujo. He also didn’t know about the accident which means she probably was heading to say goodbye to him when she was bullied and got into the accident. She also could have promised to send him letters so this only hastened his hatred for her. That’s all my theory anyhow.

I also have an interesting theory that Hase’s parents were involved in the accident so that’s why he’s so moved to help fix her and be her friend. I kid!

Episode 10: Friends and Friends





  • Great plot reveals
  • Great drama
  • Avoiding trivial
  • Cute Yamagishi moment


  • None

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