Episode 11 Impressions: Black Bullet


The battle begins for the fate of Tokyo and humanity itself as JASDF engages with the Gastrea after the monolith’s falling. Though it seems the battle itself is fruitless as it’s revealed that the Gastrea hold a Spear of Light.

Loli Bedside Manner

Loli Bedside Manner

As things quickly turn for the worst in the battle against the Gastrea, Satomi makes a fateful decision to fall back and protect the camp as they spot Gastrea flying overhead. Though things back at the camp are just as grim due to the use of the Spear of Light which lays quick waste to the other Civil Officers.

After the Gastrea is called to fall back for unknown reasons, Satomi is punished for his actions on the battlefield which as seen as desertion. Though it seems the claim is all according to plan as the leadership calls him to go behind enemy lines in order to take down a special Gastrea that could turn the tides of combat.

Taking them up on this offer in order to protect his team from punishment, he heads off alone into the forest where he’s quickly overrun by Gastrea. When things seem grim, he’s greeted by a familiar face.

I swear I wasn't looking at his leg!

Exactly What Is Our Motivation At This Point?

Great episode and nice change of pace for the series. There was quite a bit of dark and gritty moments to shake up the mold and get things finally moving forward. Though the only downside was that it continued to push Satomi into the obvious direction of questioning the point of aiding humanity. Yet he still pushes forward. I’m starting to really question his motivation as it’s terribly broken at this moment.

Though the arrival of the familiar face may finally change this around. While I don’t want to say Satomi HAS to turn against humanity in order for me to like this show, I would favor him diving a bit into why he really cares to save them. The familiar face could finally bring that to light.

I’ll save my other comments about this reunion for the next impressions for those that haven’t seen the episode.  All I’ll say is that he’s the only one making any sense right now.

Episode 11: The Heart of Taurus, The Spear of Light





  • Grim depictions
  • Action ramping up
  • Arrival of a familiar face


  • Motivations are still foggy
  • Poor writing on Satomi’s part

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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