Episode 11 Impressions: One Week Friends


Sometimes the simplest of misunderstandings can be explained by just opening up to each other. However cercumstances beyond our control can sometimes hinder that. Leaving issues to fester and bonds to break.

Even after quite a troubling previous week, it seems that Fujimiya is still pushing forward with her memories, slowly recovering once again. However after some of Fujimiya’s classroom friends question Hase about something happening at the crepe stand, Hase is forced to question Kujo about just what happened.

Surprisingly enough, it seems Kujo is quite open to the idea of getting to the bottom of what triggered Fujimiya’s trauma that day. As they call in the two girls present at the crepe stand, it seems that slowly unravel the mysteries behind Fujimiya’s past.

Elsewhere, Yamagishi struggles with her relationship to Kiryu. She believes that her marriage proposal recently has caused him to hate her. Thankfully her friends come to the rescue and conspire to help her get back together with Kiryu.

A good portion of this episode was great. I really enjoyed the development that Kujo got and the solidifying that Kujo is in fact a good person. That obviously, cercumstances ruined our perspective of him.

Aside from that was a cute following of Yamagishi, I absolutely adore her and Kiryu’s relationship. It’s cute and, at times, awkwardly enjoyable. I just keep rooting for Yamagishi.

However the later parts is where I had troubles with. It went from a great episode to a rather troubling one. The point in which Hase begins to struggle with Kujo and Fujimiya’s past really got on my nerves. It felt off-putting, poorly written, and just plain stupid. It was almost as if the writers are trying to force some sort of climax drama to fix in the final episode. All too forced.

Episode 11: Important Friends





  • Good impactful moments
  • Big reveals
  • Cute moments


  • Poor writing towards end
  • Terrible show-in conclusion

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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