Episode 12 Impressions: Black Bullet


It seems in the sight of a greater enemy, even enemies can become allies. So is the fate of Satomi and his old rival Kagetane. Though Kagetane claims he’s merely interested in Satomi, one still questions his motives.

Finally arriving at the injured Gastrea producing the Spear of Light, Satomi is left with only one option due to the loss of his explosives. An all out attack on the energy sack of the giant Gastrea. In unison with Kagetane, the two deal a lethal blow before rushing off to safety.

Following the moving of the Aldebaran to the camp and an all out aerial attack, Satomi is glad to find his team members safe. Though one of their own seems to be giving in to a large amount of corruption in her body.

With newfound purpose, Satomi takes the initiative to take over command of the camp. Initializing an all out attack on the Aldebaran with a new plan in mind to kill it from the inside out.  The battlefield of choice? Flames of Revolutions.  The prior battlefield for mankind against the Gastrea many years before.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this episode. While I still think that Black Bullet has an ongoing issue with pacing, seeing Satomi teamed up with Kagetane was awesome. To be honest, I really like Kagetane. Despite his murderous intent. I would really enjoy a full series with the two of them going down a darker path together. Though with Satomi keeping a bit of his moral balance.

The loss was a bit tragic, though I felt due to the rushed feel of the show, it didn’t have as much impact as it could. Still, it paved the way for Satomi to have SOME shred of resolve for his current mission. As you may know from my last few impressions article, I don’t really think he has a well written resolve in this world.

e12blackbullet9While others have disagreed with me, the dictator act felt off-putting and out-of-place. Almost as if they were trying to force him into a new role that just doesn’t fit his character in any way possible. It was necessary, but still awkward. Especially the conversation following it. It was also silly that he essentially made the move to stab a fellow Promoter without any thought on retaliation from an Initiator. He nearly got shot in the head with no plan in place.

Only one more episode to go! Stay tuned for our epic finale impressions and a follow-up review. I’m looking forward to seeing how Satomi deals with losing his lights.. that.. without they won’t be able to see A 50 STORY MONSTER! (Sorry, I had to laugh at that).

Episode 12: Crisis Point





  • Emotional moment
  • Loved the new team
  • Kagetane adds a lot of flavor


  • Feels rushed
  • Awkward hostility for Satomi

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