Episode 12 Impressions: One Week Friends


As things wrap up for the season, questions begin to arise from classmates as well as Fujimiya as to why Hase has chosen to distance himself from Fujimiya. While they aren’t on bad terms, it’s obvious things are different.

Being unable to get an answer from Hase himself, Fujimiya turns to his Kiryu instead for why Hase is being so distant. While he tries not to be the one to break it to her, it seems he has no choice. He reveals to Fujimiya that Hase thinks he’ll end up breaking her memories, just as Kujo did before.

Some time passes and Winter break is almost upon us. While doing some clean up duty, Kiryu finally approaches Yamagishi about her recent avoiding of him. With tearful eyes, she points out the aggressive and cold behavior he exhibited the day that she confessed to him.

Later during spring break, Fujimiya and Hase have a fateful encounter that will inevitably change their relationship. While Hase desires to distance himself for Fujimiya’s sake, Fujimiya of course can not bear to be without Hase as a friend.


Stepping on thin ice here for the synopsis, but overall a very good episode filled with emotion. I absolutely loved Yamagishi and Kiryu’s encounter in the stair well, though I have to admit I wanted to give Kiryu a proper bop for making her cry.

While I was a bit harsh on the show last episode for taking such a typical route for the final climactic ending, I wasn’t too off-put by it in action. It still managed to get me teary eyed and I was happy with its conclusion. Though I’ll still hold to my cards that it felt out-of-place and forced.

Outside from that my only other complaint for the series end was that we didn’t see another big resolve to the underlining issue. While not everything is meant to be fixed, the show had a constant sign of progression for the protagonists in remedying the issue at hand. I would have expected a new sign that things were getting better, but there wasn’t anything.

e12oneweekfriends2After the credits we got a glimpse of Hase writing a journal. I’m curious as to why the writers chose to show that, but I guess we’ll have to wait for a second season or perhaps a manga read. Does Hase choose to write in order to share the bourdon with Fujimiya? Or perhaps he actually has memory issues too! *dramatic music*

I’ll have more in the official review for the show, but overall I’m really happy with it. Every episode was cute, full of smiles, and full of emotion. Definitely a unique and precious show in the midst of a very stale season of anime. Stay tuned for a full review!

Episode 12: I’d Like for Us to Be Friends





  • Good conclusion
  • Emotional moments
  • Great series


  • Sadly overused scenario
  • Yamagishi crying

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