Episode 134 Impressions: Hunter x Hunter (2011)


The episode starts out with one of the most dominant themes portrayed throughout this arc. Human kind as a species likes to think of itself as being evolved. Civil. Morally aware. But upon closer observation, we’re no different from Chimera Ants no matter how bestial they might be.

The narrator goes on to say that we’re even worse, and I wholeheartedly agree. In fact, I’m convinced that if extraterrestrials had been watching mankind’s behavior for even just the last couple decades up until now, we’d be labeled as hazardous and very ripe for eradication.

As images of mankind’s vanity were shown, we transitioned to the reveal what was hinted at in the previous episode: the Rose was poisoned. Palm knew all along: The King and the remaining Royal Guards are dying. Yet another showcasing of humanity’s cruelty. Our intelligence has spawned some of the most underhanded tactics (nuclear bombs, chemical weapons etc) to obtain victory. It is truly what makes us the strongest beasts in the jungle.

The King has yet again reached a new level of greatness. Mixing abilities he acquired from his Royal Guards with those he previously possessed, he is now able to sense the true emotions of anyone his En touches. The King jumps to Welfin, attracted by Welfin’s hostility. Because Pouf follows him, a very interesting stage emerges. On one side we have Welfin’s hostility, while Pouf’s loyalty is as unwavering as ever on the other. The King puts both sides to the test mentally as he seeks Pouf’s secret within the truth and lies that are presented to him in all of their different shades.

hxh6After the King is finally reminded of Komugi, it becomes clear that he has reached the pinnacle of his character development. Not so long ago, this same King would have killed both Ants for being dishonest and treacherous. Instead, he now had the patience to weed out whatever information he needed. Meruem’s character development, or more specifically his humanization, was complete when he said he hoped Welfin could pick up his life as a human again. Much to Pouf’s dismay.

I think this was a very solid episode that met Hunter x Hunter’s standard. The two main things to take away from this episode, humanity’s nature and Meruem’s development, were very well presented. The timing couldn’t have been much better either since we are concluding this wonderful arc.


Episode 134: The Word x Is x That Someone





  • Real life parallels
  • Meruem’s character development
  • Great dialogue


  • Little to no action

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.


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