Episode 135 Impressions: Hunter x Hunter (2011)


It’s here. The episode that was already announced to be the one that concludes the Chimera Ant arc. It definitely needed to be on point adaptation-wise. I’m sure fellow manga readers can agree that seeing one of the most touching and poetic conclusions in motion required justice. Did Madhouse deliver?

Expectedly, but definitely appreciated on my end, the opening was skipped. We dive straight into the mind of the ever so desperate King. Using his ability to determine the emotions of anyone his En touches, he tracks down Palm, having his approach all sorted out. The battle is over. Much to Palm’s disbelief, the King is surrendering and has one final request: He wants to see Komugi. Palm’s inner struggle really kicks into high gear when the King is even willing to bow, displaying his newfound humility in the process.

Palm completely breaks down. How could the King who previously would behead any annoyance now show this level of integrity? It stands as yet another testimony that Meruem’s development was phenomenal to the point that it isolated him. Mankind and Chimera Ant, equally puzzled by Meruem’s being. She fails to keep her promise to Killua as it is too much to bear and tells the King where he can find Komugi. However, on the condition that she’ll be allowed to monitor their final moments using her Clairvoyance ability. The King agrees.

We switch to news reports, as inaccurate as can be, that try to shed light on what took place in the Republic of East Gorteau. The summoning of the people was explained as being a mass suicide in the making, orchestrated by Diego, the Supreme Leader. Multiple political layers get thrown into the mix as the international community aims to use this incident to push for a more a hands-on investigation. Back at the Hunter Association, there’s a sense of closure as there’s reminiscing, the bidding of farewells to the deceased and discussion on further procedures.

Back at the King’s location, we see that he’s finally reunited with Komugi. While playing Gungi, it’s noticeable how light the atmosphere is compared to when they played in the past. The135hunterxhunter2e King went through a tremendous amount of change, and it affects Komugi’s behaviour to the point that she is completely comfortable, creating an interesting dynamic between the two. Komugi’s bliss surfaces which compels the King to tell the truth about his imminent demise. Despite being warned about getting contaminated, Komugi does not abandon the King. She had finally found fulfilment in a life full of setbacks.
The credits start rolling with scenes of Komugi and the King, as if it were an intro to the final scenes. The dialogue slowly transitions from tactical Gungi talk to a dying King seeking Komugi’s care. The King dies and a contaminated Komugi says she’ll be joining him shortly.

Another amazing Hunter x Hunter episode that wrapped up things nicely. We parted ways with crucial characters that contributed greatly to this arc in style. And although the emphasis is on how thin the line that separates the races is, it doesn’t come at the expense of the episode not delivering on an emotional level. The exact same feelings overpowered me from back when I read it. Definitely a job well done by Madhouse.

Episode 135: This Person x And x This Moment






  • Closure
  • Properly conveyed emotions
  • Phenomenal usage of OST


  • None

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