Episode 8 Impressions: Mushishi Zoku Shou


Sail boats are often at the mercy of the wind that takes them, however Ginko soon discovers a man able to change even that logic.  Of course with the aid of mushi.  Though it’s this gift that may be his downfall.

While boarding a ship to cross the sea, Ginko takes note of a man named Ibuki who is whistling away while the boat he sails on is moved even during the stillest of days. Of course Ginko, along with the man, are able to see the bird like mushi called Torikaze.

e8mushishi4After Ginko explains that the whistle is the perfect tone and similar to a whistle most mushishi carry, he also mentions the mushi’s habits and the reason why follow the tone. However he also gives Ibuki a fair warning. To never whistle at night, as something bad would surely happen.

Overall a good episode. I enjoyed the simple and yet engaging story that it told. While it was fairly predictable (who ever listens to Ginko?!), it was still a well designed story.

Unfortunately the only downfall for the episode was in Ibuki’s motives. It got fairly dark towards the end and I felt they didn’t do well enough to explain why Ibuki took the route he did. Instead it felt disingenuous.

Complaints aside, I thoughts Ginko handled the situation really well. It was a very powerful moment, similar to the sakura tree episode. A rare moment that we see Ginko take some gutsy action.  To top that off, the ending was pretty spectacular, visually and emotionally.

“You must choose what manner of a man you will become.”

Episode 8: Wind Raiser





  • Ginko was strong
  • Good storytelling
  • Visually great


  • Bit predictable
  • Main focus lacked motive

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