Episode 9 Impressions: Black Bullet


As Satomi continues his efforts to create an adjuvant able to protect the citizens of Tokyo, the citizens finally become aware of the looming threat that now faces them. While peace is now destroyed, the Civil Servants have no time to waste.

Even with her new place at Satomi’s side, it seem that Tina still holds some fear of assassins coming to take her life. Though Dr. Muroto and Satomi manage to reassure her that her place is now with them. Though this peaceful moment is cut short when Satomi comes to learn that the news has just discovered the dying pillar that protects Tokyo.

All of the Civil Servants are quickly rounded up to be placed on standby for the impending assault. Still in check for protecting Tokyo while the replacement pillar is built. Satomi takes the time to scout out possible members to add to his adjuvant even though it seems rather hopeless.

Suddenly a fight breaks out in the camp where Satomi discovers his past senior practitioner of the Tendo Martial Arts, Nagisawa Shoma. Along with his Model Cat Initiator Fuse Midori.  If things couldn’t get more convenient for Satomi, Kisara also arrives to claim Tina as her Initiator in order to join the adjuvant.

All in all an okay episode. There were a few comical moments with Muroto claiming Satomi’s young girl harem and Fuse being teased by the other Initiators. Outside of that was more of the same pacing issues the show has suffered from the beginning. There just seems to be no transitions. Like jumping from the civilians learning of the pillars, straight to everyone being fenced into a camp area. No explanation of where they are, why are they there, are they against their will, nothing.

Faults aside, Midori seems cool, and I’d claim Shoma was cool if not for his goofy poker visor. On behalf of all nekomimi lovers, I’d also like to thank the writers for shoe-ing in an excuse to have a cat ear girl. “I’ve heard some inherit animal traits from their model,” yeah.. I’m sure. Lastly, I’d like to point out that after that display of cheer and comradery, I’m expecting some death here soon.

Episode 9: The Protectors of the Barrier





  • Comical moments
  • Nice new arrivals
  • The battlefield is set


  • Bad pacing
  • Jarring transitions

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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