Episode 9 Impressions: One Week Friends


Summer break is wrapping up, and with it the final rush to finish some last-minute homework for the group of friends in this story. While Kiryu and Fujimiya are obviously squared away, Hase and Yamagishi are almost a lost cause.

As everyone spends time hanging out and finishing their work at Fujimiya’s house, her mother finds much joy in watching her daughter have so many friends seem much happier. Though as the night wraps up, Kiryu and Yamagishi take their leave despite Yamagishi still having much to finish up. Thankfully Kiryu comes to the rescue as they walk home with a completed notebook of answers for her. This triggers a memory from her that ties the two closer than we know.

Meanwhile, back at the Fujimiya residence, Fujimiya and Hase have a rather close encounter while alone. Though Fujimiya in her usual pure personality brushes it aside, while her mother on the other hand takes it completely out of context.

As school fires back up, the class is shuffled completely in Hase’s favor as he’s seated next to Fujimiya. Though after a transfer student named Kujo Hajime shows up, a quick exchange between Fujimiya and him takes for a turn for the worst.

For the most part this episode was rather lacking. The beginning exchanges helped define Fujimiya a bit more but felt a bit overplayed. However this quickly changed the moment we got a bit more connection between Yamagishi and Kiryu. It was really cute!

Probably the more impactful point of this episode was easily the arrival of Kujo Hajime. The whole event was hard to watch and really got my blood boiling. Though speculations can fly as to what the traitor comment meant. My speculation was that Kujo probably suspected her for betraying his trust in some way and before she could explain herself, he cut ties with her. Causing her to rush off and be hit by the car.

Leaving on a more positive note, the “accidental trip” trope was rather off-putting, but still ended up turning rather cute. I got quite a laugh at the mother’s response and the still pure nature of Fujimiya.

Unfortunately we have only one more episode left, if my sources are correct. While a part of my is upset at the end of this great series, another side of me is happy that this painful climax will not last too long. Either way, it’s been a fantastic ride and a great experience.

Episode 9: Last Day With Friends





  • Some cute moments
  • Kiryu and Yamagishi
  • Comical points
  • Heavy drama


  • Kujo is a jerk
  • One episode left

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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