Episode 9 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School


After his technical breakthrough in the science of anti-gravity, Tatsuya pays a visit to the research facility that houses the great Taurus Silver.  However after arriving, we get some juicy details on Tatsuya’s back story and just who he is.

Turns out after so much fan fare over the great Taurus Silver, that Taurus himself is a pupil under Tatsuya who is nicknamed Mr. Silver. Making them, as a team, the great Taurus Silver. Though after this odd exchange of introductions to the viewers, the team sets off on testing Tatsuya’s great new anti-gravity CAD.

After tests seem to go well, Tatsuya and Miyuki run into the Yasoba family butler Aoki as well as their father. Though after a heated exchange between Tatsuya and Aoki, it’s hinted that Tatsuya was created by Miyuki’s mother and not really a part of the family. Though that doesn’t stop Miyuki’s father from questioning Tatsuya if he hates his “mother.”

Besides the short exchange between Tatsuya and Aoki, this entire episode felt like an absolute waste. I feel like I’m echoing a bit here from my recent impressions but I’m getting rather sick of the same formula happening in each episode. Tatsuya is amazing, the girls love him, he does amazing things, and everyone stares at him with dreamy eyes. This got old 4 episode ago. It’s really making me want to stop doing impressions on it as this feels like my issue with “Engaged to the Unidentified.”

Rant aside, that short segment with Aoki revealed quite a bit. Our speculation of Tatsuya being a cyborg or created entity is really raining true. Of course this also creates the typical “Okay, so they aren’t really siblings! It’s fair game now!” garbage. Despite that, I’m sort of interested in just how this all went down.  Of course flashbacks from way back hints that he died saving Miyuki and the mother probably saved him by making him a cyborg of sorts.

It’s also important to note that Tatsuya was in fact wearing a Course 1 badge when getting appointed at the ceremony. Mistake or not, it was never really mentioned.  Perhaps it’s something the school wants him to wear when they go against other schools as a way to prevent controversy.  I thought that was sort of interesting to see.

Episode 8: Nine Schools Competition Part II





  • Boring
  • Overplayed dreamboating
  • Uneventful


  • Tatsuya’s origins

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