Episode 1 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


It’s finally here! “Akame ga Kill!” has graced us with its presence in anime form. Being one of the more anticipated series this season, the attention is definitely focused on how faithful it is to the manga, its source material. “Akame ga Kill!” fans were hoping at the very least to catch glimpses of the violence that the manga thrives off. The possibility of heavy censorship kept many readers on edge. So did “White Fox”, the studio behind the adaptation, deliver?

Tatsumi, a young but ambitious country boy, is approaching the Imperial City. He aims to climb up the hierarchical military ladder in an attempt to save his village. It becomes clear that he’s actually not alone, having comrades (Sayo and Ieyasu) with identical goals even though they’ve been separated.

Completely unswayed by people warning him about the dangers in the Imperial City, he enters and tries to sign himself up for recruitment. However, setbacks, including rejection and getting swindled, quickly render Tatsumi helpless with no place to stay.

A sudden stroke of luck causes a rather wealthy girl to spot Tatsumi. Aria turns out to be a compassionate girl who takes Tatsumi in. Everything is looking really good for Tatsumi all of a sudden. Not only can he stay in a humongous mansion but Aria’s family even offers to help Tatsumi in his search for his comrades, since they were supposed to meet up in the Imperial City.

While under their care, Tatsumi learns about the real structure of the Imperial City. While there’s an Emporer, he’s not actually the one in control. Everything is being manipulated by the prime minister in the shadows. He also learns about “Night Raid”, a group of assassins that mainly targets people who hold political power.e1akamegakill2

Everything goes into high gear when a massacre occurs at the mansion. “Night Raid” has invaded and they’re wiping out Aria’s family and the guards alike. In the midst of all the commotion, Tatsumi faces Akame, a stoic killing machine. The fact that Leone, the girl who swindled Tatsumi earlier, recognizes Tatsumi is the only thing that saves him from a swift death.

The big twist is that Aria and her family were far from innocent, luring and torturing people from the countryside. Upon busting into the barn where all the atrocities took place, Tatsumi discovers Sayo’s corpse and Ieyasu who is half dead. Tatsumi kills Aria before his emotional parting with Ieyasu who ultimately dies.

Despite the tragedy that has befallen Tatsumi, time for grief is limited as Leone recruits him after she deems him worthy and capable. Tatsumi has little to no say as he disappears with all 5 of them present into the night.

Let me just say that I had high expectations for this anime. Expectations that were definitely met. From the exotic and eerie OST to the gorgeous animation even in fast-paced action sequences, everything was on point. One of the major concerns was censorship since the manga tends to get bloody quite often.

Though there was some censorship (ever so slightly), it was still way more graphic than I feared it would be. I most certainly didn’t expect them to show a dissected body. It’s quite obvious that Tatsumi will end up fighting the very city he wanted to shine in, but it’s great how controversy was introduced in early stages. It is to my great relief that the spirit of the manga is present in its adaptation. The future looks bright for “Akame ga Kill!” as the story will get progressively interesting.

Episode 1: Kill the Darkness





  • Good pacing
  • Great balance (humor vs serious exposition, lightheartedness vs gore)
  • Promising set up for the future


  • None

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