Episode 1 Impressions: Argevollen


Young and inexperienced justice-seeking pilots, kingdoms at war, and a fateful encounter with a prototype mecha that the protagonist happens to pilot. With another season comes more mecha anime; some love them, some hate them.

At the borders of the United Kingdom of Arandas, Ingelmia Army Northwestern Theater Frontline Forces approach Arandas’s Great Wall. Seeking resources, Ingelmia has been marching south while consuming every nation in its path. While they have failed to take Arandas’s border fortress several times, it seems the addition of The Bloody Hopper squad looks to change that. As their new mecha charge and leap over the very walls that hold them back.

As the Great Wall begins to fall, the leadership within it take their leave, appointing Colonel Izumi to hold it with their lives. Elsewhere on the Arandas side of the wall, the Independent Squad 8 led by Captain Samonji is patrolling nearby with the smokes of war on the horizon. They receive orders transmission from Izumi to survive and fall back. Though their trip is quickly cut short as they come across a civilian caravan being attacked by Ingelmia forces.

e1argevollen10A young and inexperienced pilot named Tokimune defies his leadership’s order to ignore the civilian’s inevitable death and charges in with his Trail Krieger (slow mech suit) to save them. Though he’s quickly taken down by 3 other Trail Kriegers but is luckily assisted by the squads second pilot Silfy.

While scrambling to assist the civilians, Tokimune comes across a lady named Jamie who is desperately trying to open her caravan. She punches Tokimune to stop him from dragging her away and manages to open the hatch. Inside rests an advanced prototype mech she calls Argevollen Stablis Prima. After starting up the machine, she requests that Tokimune pilot it.

Now in the suit, Tokimune charges the enemy Krieger. Though the response time of the Argevollen is difficult for him to master, he manages to destroy the Krieger with little effort involved.

Well what can I say? Tropes galore and not much else here. I will admit that the CG use was not as jarring as most mecha anime, but it’s still prevelant. I also sort of enjoyed the combat scenarios that were in play. I admit I’m not a fan of mecha shows that focus on mecha. Shows like Escaflowne, NGE, and Code Geass are more my cup of tea because they are more about the encounter than the suits themselves.

I’ll be keeping my eye on the show for now, but I’m keeping my expectations low on this one. If you like mecha, political intrigue, or military conflicts, you may want to take a snoop at this one.

Episode 1: Encounter





  • Decent combat
  • Good CG
  • Cute megane character


  • Seemingly useless dialog
  • Trope filled
  • Typical mecha

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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