Episode 1 Impressions: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei


While Fate/kaleid wasn’t the a great show during its first season premier, it did offer a few interesting elements that kept it afloat. ¬†Mainly in its rare but yet great use of fan service from the Fate series. ¬†Especially in the card merging element it presented in the late episodes.

Life seems to be returning back to normal for Illya and her new friend Miyu. As they return to normal school life, thoughts of summer, swimsuits, and beaches fill the minds of them and their classmates. However before they could finish planning out their swimsuit buying venture, the two are snatched up by none other than Rin and Luvi.

Turns out that despite their efforts in retrieving the cards, the ley lines they were disturbing have yet to recover. This led Rin and Luvi to be assigned the task of pouring large amounts of mana into certain locations to expand the ley lines.

Finding themselves in the proper location, Illya and Miyu partake in a ritual to do just that and unleash their mana into the column created by Rin and Luvi. Despite their efforts, the ritual location collapses below them and Illya is forced to act to protect her friends. Though this act unlocks something that has been increasingly familiar to her; the card merging which transforms her into archer.

After the smoke clears, everyone takes a roll call to make sure no one is injured. When they find Illya, she sits besides another girl who looks rather similar to Illya despite a difference in hair and skin color. Almost as if she has created a clone of herself.

Just like the first season, I’m coming into this series with very little hope. In the end, I’m not at all surprised as most of this episode was downright boring. I did manage to get quite a chuckle out of the classmates’ response to Illya and Miyu being snatched up by Rin and Luvi; fearing kidnapping and going ballistic.

Negatives aside, I am rather curious as to what direction they take this new character in as it seems, contrary to Illya, she’s quite versed in the use of card merging. Like I said in my first season review, that aspect of this show is my main source of interest in this series as a whole.

Just as the first season was, if you’re a huge fan of Fate/Stay and don’t mind a little mindless magical girl then you may be interested in checking it out. However don’t expect much.

Episode 1: Illya Grow Up?!



Only for diehard fans..


  • Somewhat interesting premise
  • A chuckle here and there


  • Extremely boring first half
  • More recap than anything
  • Reused jokes from first season

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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