Episode 1 Impressions: Magimoji Rurumo


We’ve all had those random moments of wishing upon a star as a child.  You’d wish for anything if only it would just happen.  For Kouta Shibaki, that wish ended up being a stupid cover up that would leave him in a dire situation.

Kouta Shibaki has had a hard life, mainly due to his mistake leading him to being called the school pervert. Though any intelligent person can see that most cases are his fault alone. One day while hanging out with his fellow members of the “Mysterious Discover Club” they came across a book that could summon a witch and grant a wish.

While he at first wishes for a cute girlfriend, when questioned by his club mates he changes it to wanting some panties. Later when Shibaki gets home, he discovers a pair of panties sitting on his desk. While overjoyed that it actually worked, he never gave it much thought after that.

Fast forward to today, Shibaki is confronted by a small girl wearing a witches hat and being followed by a black cat. She calls herself Rurumo and claims that she is a witch that has come to fulfill their contract they made. While Shibaki thinks she’s lying, she demonstrates her power by raising a car off the ground.

e1magimojirurumo3Now convinced, Rurumo proceeds to explain that the contract is a simple concept. When summoned, a witch grants a human a wish. In return the witch must consume the human’s life. This throws Shibaki into a rage, having his life taken away for a simple pair of panties that he doesn’t even know it’s owner. Rurumo identifies it for him as her only pair of panties.

From this point on, Rurumo figures that his life is soon to end so he requests a one last favor to visit a park. Though his intentions are to catch a glimpse of Rurumo’s commando status. Even still, this turns out to be a fruitless task as nothing seems to get him his desired chance.

Giving up, Rurumo and Shibaki end up having a conversation about life’s twists and turns. Shibaki is upset at his death at such a young age and the fact that he’s never had a girlfriend. On the other hand, Rurumo has been living the last 60 years in prison for breaking the witch’s code. Though this gets worst as she explains she will soon be imprisoned again for allowing someone to have one of her possessions (the panties).

e1magimojirurumo7As a prison warden suddenly appears to take her away, Shibaki forces Rurumo to take back her panties in order to stop the warden from taking her away to prison. Despite this kind action, Rurumo is able to complete her contract and places Shibaki in an avian burial (cremation by crows). However for his kindness she decides to only take half of his life away.

After Shibaki recovers he continues on with his life as normal. Even being given the task of returning a bra to a fellow classmate by his club leader. When giving up on the idea, Rurumo appears before him as he wishes to see her again. She explains that a letter he received that morning contained wish tickets that he can use to grant wishes. Using his, he returns the classmate her bra in secret and heads home.

That night, Rurumo’s cat appears before him and tells him that the tickets count 666 in number and the use of each one will take away a fragment of his life. Ultimately all of his life.

I’m sort of mixed on this show as a whole. I want to like it, it has a silly concept, but the humor is just not reaching me. Granted there was a few chuckle moments and it’s very light-hearted. I’ll definitely be giving it a few more episodes to see where the humor leads, but so far it’s just been about Shibaki’s perverted thoughts.

Aside from that, I think Rurumo is a fairly solid character and I want to see more about her. The writer certainly has an odd imagination to come up with this predicament and I want to see where it goes. If you’re okay with a bit of perverted humor and some mild ecchi, give it a shot.

Episode 1: I Will Grant You Your Wish





  • Comical premise
  • Cute characters
  • Some chuckles


  • Might get a bit perverted
  • Some flat falling humor
  • Some bad character designs

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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