Episode 1 Impressions: Rail Wars!


The life of working for the government as a railway security officer. Sounds fascinating does it not? Of course many shows recently have been taking clever methods to produce great hits that center around not-so interesting jobs. Let’s see if RailWars can mimic that success.

Takayama Naoto, like many individuals, seeks a job at the largest railway system that is run by the national government. However before he gets a job there, he attends the JNR Central Academy along with a few friends (or enemies) that he makes rather quickly.

Koumi Haruka is a soft-spoken girl who joined in order to be with someone she knows. Iwaizumi is a not-so smart but rather athletic man who manages to beat everyone effortlessly in running. Then there’s Sakurai, a spitfire with a grudge against Naoto from the beginning who is a violent sharpshooter.

After many days at the academy, the four manage to ace one of their main exams in getting a coal train to run at max speeds thanks to the train smarts of Naoto. This leads the group to begin their final test, on site training at the Tokyo Station.

e1railwars6This new job turns ugly quickly as they find themselves running down a pair of purse snatchers. While the snatchers make it onto a train and get away, Naoto’s smarts in the train system as well as Haruka’s seemingly photographic memory of the schedule.

Cutting the snatchers off at the next station, Iwaizumi and Sakurai quickly dispatch the two thugs and the group saves the day. So they thought, as the station’s chief gives them quite the lecture. Even though they fear to never see each other again, the next day the group is all assigned to participate in on-the-job training.

Well, where to start with this show. To admit, this series was one that was on my radar before the season started. Vibes of Servant X Service and Working was painted all over it. While it doesn’t meet the clever humor of SXS, it instead goes far passed the ecchi elements of Working!! without catching its charm and appeal.

e1railwars1What’s left is a trope filled boob flapping show that has a train riding backdrop. The humor lacks any clever aspect to it, instead vouches for the usual accidental boob grab, up-skirting, and violence to the main protagonist.

The obvious tropes are obvious. Koumi Haruka knows Takayama Naoto from their childhood and she joined to be with him but he doesn’t remember her. Sakurai is the obnoxious violent girl who will eventually be caught in an embarrassing position by Naoto. Iwaizumi is obviously a double agent as the scene of his disappearance was too obvious. Though I guess we can also go the route of having Haruka be a plot twist that way.

If you’re looking for a standard moe, boob bouncing left and right, and stale humor, you may want to check it out. Just don’t expect anything besides that. I’ll probably give the second episode a shot, with an odd hope that they got the tropes out of the way (All that remains is the bathroom walk-in and accidental first kiss).

Episode 1: Welcome to K4!



Trope filled awfulness


  • Unique concept


  • Trope humor
  • Excessive boob flap focus
  • Lacking any substance

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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