Episode 1 Impressions: Survival Game Club!


Sabagebu! Survival Game Club! A show that takes the anime genre of school clubs and turns it on its head with a brilliant new concept of girls shooting airsoft guns at each other. Wait.. that isn’t new?

Sure, help yourself..

Sure, help yourself..

Sonokawa Momoka isn’t new to the idea of being the “transfer student,” as her family circumstances has led to her transferring many times before. She hates it, and often distances herself from the norm she has dealt with many times before. However her wishes for a new thrill in life comes quickly as she’s heading to school and is harassed by a man on the train.

Before she can react, a crazy girl wielding two real looking pistols shows up and directs them at the man. Fearing if they are real or not, the man turns to attacking her with judo skills he learned in high school (as he points out). After dispatching the man, a group of police officers show up and drag the gun-toting woman away instead of the pervert, though Momoka isn’t done with him.

At least we have our priorities straight.

Hope no one is behind you.

Later while at her new school, she finds the gun-toting woman once again and follows her out to what seems like her club house. Momoka is caught in a trap and seen by the club as a spy. After being asked who they are, the group of girls identify them as The Survival Game Club.

While Momoka questions their desire to use fake guns, their response is to let her try them out. After Momoka lands a direct bullseye, the club leader Miou Ootori quickly gains a large interest in getting her to join. While they try to trick her into signing a form to join, without Momoka present to turn it in, it’s invalid.

The following day Momoka is harassed by fellow classmates for her lack of interest in the beauty that is Ootori, though Momoka brushes their pranks aside. After Ootori confronts the pranking girls, Momoka responds by wanting revenge, not apologies which apparently is her way of dealing with things. In response, Ootori offers her some food which turns out to be a sedative that allows Ootori fake her presence in turning in the forms for her club membership.

Award for worst teacher goes to..

Award for worst teacher goes to..

Following this event, Momoka goes into town with the club to shop. While she detests the idea, she quickly finds herself loving the attention the girls gather from the crowd. However their shopping trip ends up being to a local airsoft gun shop.

There the girls partake in a competition. Ootori and Momoka against the rest of the club. After many shots are fired, it becomes very obvious that Momoka is quite skilled and manages to take down many of the other club members. Even to the point of using Ootori as a human stepping stool to get the jump on the final club member.

Yes.. it’s yet another club show. Yes.. it is another show with girls shooting fake guns. Though if you’re fine with that, there’s a bit to be had here. The main protagonist is definitely not your typical moe girl that doesn’t want to touch a gun or be active. Instead, she has a bit of fire and I enjoyed that about her. Definitely not a damsel in distress.

In other news, Capcom sues..

In other news, Capcom sues..

The other entertaining element of the show was the narrator which I can’t help but believe is the same guy that did the voice of choice in My Mental Choices. His commentary is very witty and definitely enhances the show with some funny dialog.

All in all this episode had quite a few funny moments. Despite the fact that it’s rehashing so many typical club tropes that it makes me sick. So if you’re able to get past that, definitely give it a shot.

Hey.. if all fails, at least Jill Valentine is in the show.. oh wait..

Episode 1: Joining the Club!



Promising.. for a Club Show..


  • Funny narrator
  • Few comical moments
  • Imagination element


  • Club show
  • Full of club tropes
  • Much of the same

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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