Episode 1 Impressions: Terror in Resonance


When faced with a choice to jump or accept a fate, what would you choose? In a world that seems to be crumbling around Lisa, this is a decision she is about to face. With life seeming so grim her decision may not surprise you.

At a Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Facility in Aomori Japan, a terrible tragedy unfolds. Two men execute the hijacking of what seems to be some sort of nuclear core despite the efforts of security on hand. Fearing they could trigger the device, they hold their fire and are forced to watch its theft.

Fast forward 6 months later, two men that call each other Nine and Twelve are off to transfer into a school. Seemingly with ill intentions in mind as keeping a low profile is on the bullet points.

After Nine catches eye to some girls bullying a girl named Lisa Mishima, he manages to break the tension by leaping into the school pool before the bullies could push Lisa in. Later that night, it seems that Lisa herself is what had Nine’s attention as Twelve awakens in a panic due to a reoccurring nightmare.

e1terrorinresonance4This nightmare stems from Nine and Twelve’s escape from some sort of facility when they were young. Though it seems many of the children with them were not strong enough to escape and according to Twelve, they were not strong enough to save them. Due to Lisa’s eyes, it seems Nine believes she may be one of those children.

The following day, the class pays a visit to a skyscraper in the Shinjuku area. The same area that has been vaguely threatened by a pair of masked men on a video sharing site. While there, Nine and Twelve distribute small stuffed toys during a triggered power outage. While attempting to exit the building, Nine bumps into Lisa and gives her one as well.

While atop a nearby building, Twelve and Nine watch as they trigger each of the stuffed toys in a shower of explosions. After Nine mentions giving Lisa one of the stuffed toys, almost as if taunting him into saving her, Twelve contacts Lisa and gives her two options. To die, or to become an accomplice. Naturally Lisa begs not to die and Nine rushes back to the building on a motorcycle while Twelve guides her to a safe location.

e1terrorinresonance8After using her stuffed toy to blast a hole in a wall, Nine arrives below her to motion her to jump. Leaping from the building, Nine takes her back to Twelve safely where she’s informed that she can no longer return and that she is now an accomplice.

Yet another show to add to the list of many this season with some major promise.  Throughout the show, the writing did well in teasing an underlining plot that held my interest.  I instantly connected to the characters, especially Lisa, and felt their actions were spot on.  Though, as I mentioned, Nine and Twelve remain shrouded in mystery as to why they take the actions they do.  Despite the severity of it.  I’m truly interested in seeing just why they took down an entire building and just how deadly their actions were.

e1terrorinresonance6The visual direction was really well done.  The entire time I had hints of styling used by the series “K” and I almost thought the studio was GoHands.  I just hope they keep the production value up, because it was quite a spectacle.  While Nine’s character design felt a tad goofy and different from his surrounding cast, it played well into his playful spirit.  As for Lisa, she was way cute and I instantly fell for her.

This is partly due to her struggle she was going through.  Like Nine and Twelve seem to be eluding to, she also has quite a dark and unsettling life she’s dealing with.  I’m just curious if the “Mom” texts she was getting was the bullies, or if she’s being contacted by someone else.  Unfortunately I was unable to read what the texts were saying.

All in all, this is definitely one to keep an eye on.  The action was well designed and I was hooked from beginning to end.

Episode 1: Falling





  • Great writing
  • Good bread-crumbing
  • Awesome presentation


  • None

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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