Episode 1 Impressions: Tokyo ESP


Have you ever gone into a new series with the preconceived notion that it will be about subtle storytelling and surreal soothing themes only to run into the reality of high action and blood splattering violence? That was me going into ESP. Let’s just say the synopsis I read was way off.

Kagura and Yomi meet up on Christmas for a casual walk when suddenly Tokyo is thrown into a huge battle between man and espers. Espers are like humans but possess supernatural abilities. While some are good, most espers are seen as dangerous and a group of skilled espers attacking Tokyo are definitely not changing that stigma.

They manage to rip the government diet building right out of the ground and hold its people hostage claiming that they have gone on messing up the nation long enough. Anyone who resists are cut down with blades or bullets. The ability to teleport, create mirages, see the past, create fire, produce shields, crush buses; all tools they will use to complete their task.

On the ground, many of these espers create chaos and kill many humans just trying to escape. As many onlookers watch in horror, Murasaki and Ayumu seek to solve things with their own abilities. Though they lack in the more impactful of skill sets for combat.

e1tokyoesp8They do however know one esper who can help. The one many call The White Girl. A girl who has appeared before to save countless lives. A legend know for her kind and helping hand. Just when all is lost, she finally appears with a swift kick of an enemy.

As I mentioned, the synopsis I read was of a poor high school girl who is bestowed powers by flying fish when she follows one to Tokyo Tower. I figured it would be more calm and atmospheric like Mushishi. Instead I was greeted by a very visually stunning shonen.

When I say shonen, I’m being quite literal. This show really looks to just a typical “Here’s the baddies, look at each of their unique abilities, now let’s overcome each one of them.” Perhaps the first episode was purposely vague, but I seriously don’t see much plot here at all. To be honest, I was struggling for anything to write about in my synopsis. ¬†All I can figure is that most of the story will revolve around The White Girl, how she got her abilities, and why others seek her.

That said, it did look quite good visually. The combat was well done, the snow effects looked great, and the action was entertaining. I also really liked the teleportation effect one girl used. So if you’re looking for a fairly light plot action series, you should check it out.

Episode 1: White Girl





  • High action
  • Visually good


  • Lacks any engaging plot
  • Nothing but action

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.