Episode 13 Impressions: Black Bullet


The finale is upon us and the cards are all in play. While it’s been quite an interesting ride, some jarring story writing and open-ended elements may leave you with a bad taste.


The predictability, it’s too powerful!

The final battlefront is set for the survival of humanity and despite a major set back caused by an old rival, it seems the people have come together to provide an unexpected assistance to the saviors of the day. As the group of civil officers rush into combat, Satomi and Enju spring forward to confront the Aldebaran with nuke in hand. However, upon placing the bomb, things don’t quite go as planned.

Following the battle, Kisara along with Satomi, Enju, and Tina confront her brother in order to unmask the truth behind the monolith’s design. Discovering that in fact poor materials were used which lead to high profits and their ascension in status. After the truth was feared to be leaked, the events that lead to Kisara’s father’s death was put into play 10 years ago.

This leads to a new discovery of Kisara’s dark resolve that leads to her own justice being put into play. When she seeks acceptance by Satomi, he denies her. This leads to Kisara noting the difference between the two of them. Justice and Revenge. Which leads Satomi to believe that they may one day be enemies.


This would be awesome.. if I cared..

I just don’t know what to think after all of that. The battle was insanely predictable due to Nagisawa Shoma’s ability being focused on so much. Then to top that off was the absolutely atrocious situation with Kisara. It was jarring, extremely cheesy, and out of character. I could probably understand her situation if they actually developed her character, but that was just plain stupid to watch.

This series also ended up taking on the recent bandwagon of leaving the ending open-ended and inconclusive. ¬†At least with this show, the main one being Kisara, I couldn’t really care less.

With all of that said, look forward to my thoughts overall in a soon to come review. I thank you all for reading my weekly impressions and for joining me in the journey through this series.

Episode 13: The Ones Who Aspired To Be Gods



Entertaining But Terrible


  • Entertaining battles
  • Some cute moments


  • Terrible writing
  • Cheesy and jarring moments
  • Kisara’s bad development
  • Predictable
  • Open ended writing