Episode 2 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


Despite the utter annihilation of several major cities of the world, mankind rushes to the impact points to start their defensive against the Vers Empire’s attack. Even still, they are in for a rude awakening.

As mankind surrounds the landing castles that sprout from the impact points, missiles fly from their peaks and set their sights on all communication services and satellites. Not only this, but they also set off their own form of radio jamming to keep their enemy’s unable to formulate a coordinated attack.

Even still, forces charge in with guns and missiles at ready only to be met with a grim discovery. The Vers Empire’s Martian Kataphrakts are unstoppable and require little effort to squash the human race.

While I’ve definitely come off of my hype I produced last week for the premier airing of Aldnoah.Zero, I’m still rather pumped for this series. It’s definitely not holding any punches moving forward and is full of some pretty crazy scenes.

e2aldnoahzero2The only problem I’m really having with the series is the main protagonist’s attitude. He just doesn’t feel real or genuine and the show has yet to tell me why he’s that way. Does he have mental issues? A traumatic childhood? “Gifted” by Aldnoah itself? It should be established already or at least hinted because I really don’t like it.

Instead it seems like we’re supposed to like him because he’s quick-witted and thinks smart on the fly. Though even that is subjective as he made a careless decision that could have cost everyone their lives if the driver didn’t respond fast enough.

At any rate, that’s me nit-picking. The rest of the show (aside from velocity causing someone to fly upwards) was fantastic. I loved the action, the villains we were introduced to, and especially the amazing ability one mech has to consume anything it touches. I’m interested to see if the main character’s wits can produce some Code Geass style tactics.

Episode 2: Beyond the Horizon





  • Amazing combat sequences
  • Interesting enemy abilities
  • Good action and suspense


  • Inaho needs explaining
  • Mecha may take spotlight

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