Episode 2 Impressions: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


Sakura is thrown through quite a loop when she’s introduced to another member of Nozaki’s team, Mikoshiba Mikoto.  He’s described as being pure-hearted, but quickly gets on Sakura’s nerves.  Can she manage to work with this new addition to her circle, or will he drive her away?

Even though Sakura sees Mikoto as gaudy and scary, Nozaki’s point about him being pure hearted is seen when Mikoto manages to embarrass himself by his own swooning words shouted to some nearby adoring fans.  Though this doesn’t seem to change Sakura’s mind all too much as the sight is awkward.

This introduction to the mindset of Mikoto continues as Sakura is forced to test his skill sets when they return to Nozaki’s apartment.  While he seems to be terrible at drawing, Nozaki seems to have him on staff for other things that end up surprising Sakura.

Later, Nozaki is troubled by his lack of inspiration for a new Heroine for his manga.  When he inquires Sakura if she knows any interesting friends that would fit the role, she points him to a friend of hers that may fit the bill.  Though Nozaki quickly learns that this girl is in no way normal.  In fact, she’s dangerous and lacks self-control.

Yet another fantastic episode that had me laughing from beginning to end.  I was afraid with the arrival of Mikoto that this show would start turning more for the “reverse harem”  layout.  Instead I was met with a truly crazy character with a funny personality.  Seeing him flash a charming pose and then follow it up with an embarrassment that manages to embarrass Sakura was priceless.

On the other hand, the second half of the episode was a bit more of a mixed bag.  Seo Yuzuki had her moments, but overall she had a bit too much repetitiveness to the humor she brought.  Though I was glad to see that in the end, I managed to get some chuckles out of the conclusion to her inclusion to the episode and left the show off with a smile.

This show is turning out to be my favorite of the season and can’t recommend checking it out enough.

Episode 2: Say Hello to the New Heroine



Too funny!


  • Lots of laughs
  • Great new chemistry
  • Good writing


  • Seo was a tad lackluster

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