Episode 2 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


After a very dialog filled first episode, one could have some fears for the second season of Sword Art Online as it dives into the Gun Gale Online arc. Even still, the second episode is here to deliver on more of the action side of things, but that may not be an entirely good thing.

Our focus shifts to the deemed heroine of the season, Sinon, as she works with her companions to take out monster hunting groups to steal their loot. Seems Gun Gale Online isn’t entirely about player versus player, but also in hunting monsters to gain loot and upgrades. Even with the threat of being taken out by other players, hunters still find the reward greater than the risk.

Sinon’s group typically has no problems taking down these groups as they are always equipped with ammunition for killing monsters rather than physical bullets that are more effective against other players. However after camping out to wait for the typical route for one hunting party, Sinon grows restless in what one of the target’s coat could be hiding.

As things go in the wrong direction, Sinon is forced to put everything on the line in order to prove her skills against her opponent. While her companions are more willing to just admit defeat and log off, she pushes them to win.

Elsewhere, Kirito along with his sister and their friends enjoy some more peaceful times in the Seed world that seems to blend ALO and SAO. While the other girls look from a distance at a seeming defeat at the hands of Asuna’s connection with Kirito, Kirito seems to have one thing on his mind. To tell Asuna about his plans to go to Gun Gale Online.

While this episode really did serve up the same great animation and action that we’ve grown to expect from the Sword Art Online series, it also managed to drag out a rather trivial fight sequence. This stretches back to my issues with the Alfheim Online arc where there’s large amounts of drama and seriousness over a not so dire situation.

Issues aside, the episode did rather well in both introducing Sinon as a character and the mechanics of the world of Gun Gale Online. We got some perspective of Physical versus Blaster weapons, the status of PVP in GGO, different equipment used, as well as some sort of red sight targeting factor that can be used to predict enemy aiming.

The closing segments seem to be some obvious fan service, featuring our resident loli being once again stringed up by plant vines and guarding for panty sighting. Though it also served to reintroduce us to the main cast and their avatars. I just wish Kirito would have made some more effort to progress his story. Perhaps the next episode?

Episode 2: Ice Sniper





  • Great action
  • Good insight into GGO
  • Sinon character build


  • Rather overly dramatic
  • ALO level cheesiness

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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