Episode 2 Impressions: Terror in Resonance


Despite Lisa being told that she can no longer return to her life, it seems that Nine and Twelve allow her to go back to her regular schedule.  Though it seems even still that the presence of the two terrorists remain as she treads carefully through her day.

While Lisa goes to class, Nine and Twelve get to work on their newest plot against the government. Crafting bombs in their hideout and posting yet another threatening video on the internet using a anonymous proxy.

Despite their failures to prevent the previous attack, the government gathers their best investigators to figure out the ins and outs of the bombing on the government building. One finding leaves them considerably shocked, a reconstructed message from the bombers: VON. The same initials painted on the ground during the hijacking of the plutonium from a nuclear reprocessing facility.

I was a bit disappointed this time around. I guess it was natural with my over hyping of the first episode. What gets me is that they were so stern on the idea of Lisa not being able to go back to her life, yet she does. Though it seems they still keep tabs on her.

e2terrorinresonance6I’m not too surprised by the attitude Nine gives Lisa in the end, I was figuring he would turn out to be pretty psychotic at some point. That much remains rather interesting.

Sadly the breadcrumbing I was enjoying from the first episode, the constant dropping of backstory and interesting elements, was rather lost in this one. Instead it was a bit too much deconstructing of what happened in the previous episode.

What also annoys me is the typical “No deaths reported” garbage. I’m sorry, there’s no way in hell that building was empty and that no one was around it to be killed. Not as if I WANT death, but I do want reality. I’m sure the police department was also completely vacant when it exploded too. I went from thinking “Man, I so want to know why they killed all these people” to thinking “Oh.. that trope..” in an instant.

Oh well, despite my complaints, it’s still holding my interest and I’m eager to see where it goes.

Episode 2: Call and Response





  • Good animation
  • Relationship to Lisa
  • Good cat/mouse


  • Unrealistic aftermath
  • Lisa returning to school

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