Episode 3 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


Following the death of a beloved friend and the utterly dire situation they have been put into, Inaho and those with him are faced with two options. Face death, or wait for death to find them.

While the classmates are trapped in the tunnels below Tokyo, Inaho devizes a plan against the looming threat above them. Using lots of data he’s collected, it seems he has an idea on how to get them out of their perdicament.

While his sister is against the idea, Inaho points out that the death of Okisuke has lead him to want to push back despite their chances. Alone with Inko late at night, it becomes obvious that he along with others feel it more appropriate to die fighting rather than wait for death to find them and take them away with regrets.

Elsewhere Koichiro Marito is ordered to stand down and evacuate with the citizens by the arrival of a commanding officer Darzana Magbaredge. Though he stands firm on the idea of not leaving his students behind. The very same students he called into arms to secure the escape of the citizens. Moved by his words, Darzana decides to allow him a small fleet to return, and even joins herself.

I’m so excited about how this show has turned out.  I was very scared that it would go completely downhill once the kids got involved.  Which is a natural fear in the world of anime rife with hundreds of “Kid gets super mecha and saves the world.”  Instead, it remains grounded, serious, and so exhilarating!

It’s true that a show like this can go a few trope routes. Kid in powerful mecha, kid gifted with superhuman powers, or even the power of friendship. Instead it took the route I wanted it to take. Some really clever writing and strategy that makes sense and had me pumped to see how it played out. It’s Code Gaess kind of stuff and I loved it.

While I’m still troubled by Inaho’s odd emotionless attitude, they managed to humanize him quite a bit this episode in his interaction with Inko. He’s not fearless, he’s not stupid, rather it just seems he’s a bit shut off in showing emotion. Which I guess doesn’t make him a terrible character. He also addresses (in words and actions) that the death of Okisuke did indeed effect him and his decisions.

The music is still holding up as well. Some cleverly timed orchestral tunes that make each moment ramp up in intensity. With vocals added, it’s really something much more.

Episode 3: The Children’s Echelon





  • Great writing
  • Good suspense
  • Great direction
  • Good character developments


  • None

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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