Episode 3 Impressions: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


The laughs continue as Sakura continues her adventures into the world of shoujo manga creation.  Getting involved in the logical but yet insane hardships that a mangaka would endure.  Coming up with new ideas, writing scripts, and of course inspiration.

It seems that it’s Mikoto’s turn to inspire Nozaki with a possible new lead for his shoujo. Claiming that his friend that students call “Prince of the School” is the perfect candidate. After Sakura becomes confused between reality and the world of manga in some off-the-wall idea of the famed “heroine Mamiko cheating,” we meet Kashima Yu of the Drama Club.

Though this prince is actually a girl, given the title because she both swoons fellow girls with statements that only she could mutter like flattery and charms but also because she can’t remember anyone’s name and instead calls everyone “princess.”

Though Kashima is still a girl through and through, seemingly seeking the heart of her senpai Masayuki Hori. Though it quickly becomes evident that she hunts for his affection by causing him to become violent with her. An odd relationship indeed.

A great episode overall, there were a few points that had me laughing so hard I couldn’t stop. Though it wasn’t without some failures, as most of the sequence highlighting Kashima was rather redundant and awkward.

However this is a minor set back as riddled throughout this segment was some priceless moments of misunderstandings that had me harkening back to some of the classic moments of Tonari no Seki-kun where the main character begins to blur the line between reality and the story they write.

I also very much enjoyed the later scene with the script reading. Seeing the characters really get into their roles and an onlooker taking the situation completely wrong was a great conclusion to the episode.

Episode 3: Violence vs. the Prince





  • Good laughs
  • Fun new chemistry
  • Blurring reality and fantasy


  • Bit slow at points

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