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Otaku Spirit » Episode 4 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!

Episode 4 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


Tatsumi is still being taught the ways of the assassin. After last week’s episode ended off with an Imperial Arms user being teased, an interesting clash was guaranteed. How would Night Raid face this new threat? Will Tatsumi, once again, play an important role?

e4akamegakill1Night Raid has a new target. The man known as Zank the Executioner is a former prison executioner who had his work cut out for him as unjust sentences increased due to corruption. This developed a terrible addiction, taking his urges to the streets to take the heads of random people. Before the Boss sends our Night Raid assassins out, more light is shed on the origin and the capabilities of the Imperial Arms.

According to the records, there are 48 Imperial Arms that were created a millennium ago. Although the king at the time had the best intentions for them, half of the Imperial Arms were lost and spread throughout the land. An interesting point to note is that a battle between Imperial Arms users always results in one wielder dying, no matter what. Night Raid uses the following Arms:

  • Akame – Ichizan Hissatsu: Murasame
  • Leone – Hundred Beast King Transformation: Lionel
  • Mine – Adventurous Spirit Battery: Pumpkin
  • Bulat – Demon Binding: Incursio
  • Lubbock – Infinite Variety: Cross Tail
  • Sheele – Creation Bisector: Extase

e4akamegakill2Once Zank is confronted, he wastes no time to engage the assassins. Using the Spectator Imperial Arm, a weapon that allows him great mental abilities, he lures Tatsumi away from Akame, making it a 1 on 1 fight. The Executioner is a worthy opponent and Tatsumi wasn’t doing too well, making Akame’s entrance necessary. Before Akame kills Zank, he has one last trump card: Illusion Sight. It’s a powerful hypnosis that causes opponents to see their loved ones instead of their targets. However, it’s useless against Akame because Kurome, the girl who appears, is someone Akame wants to kill because she loves her. Akame, as usual, utters “eliminate” and deals the finishing blow, completing the mission. Akame didn’t want to reveal who Kurome is just yet, but she insists that all of Night Raid are precious to her.

e4akamegakill3Just when you thought the Imperial Arms couldn’t get any more intriguing, BOOM. Breathtaking fights are guaranteed because of the rule that ensures death when two wielders go at it. The flashback on the Imperial Arms was also appreciated on my end, although it doesn’t really rhyme with what Mine said. After all, it was just last week when she said that nobody really knows about the Imperial Arms… So at the very least, it’s a bit early to get a full backstory, but I’m nitpicking.

Zank was satisfactory, presenting more of a challenge for Tatsumi. He struggled and he couldn’t get out of this pinch using resolve alone. Not only does it indicate that there’s room for Tatsumi to grow, but also that he needs to improve quickly as Zank wasn’t known for his battle prowess. What I also liked about Zank is that he was a victim as well. Serving the rotten capital lead to his own insanity, only able to be freed in the moment of his own demise. But Kurome’s part definitely takes the cake this episode. Nothing has ever startled Akame to this extent before now. I’m sure their odd relationship is something that will be expanded on in the future. Yet another development to look forward to in Akame ga Kill! beside the pending revolution…

Episode 4: Kill the Imperial Arm Users





  • Zank (enemies are improving)
  • Imperial Arms backstory
  • Kurome introduction


  • Imperial Arms backstory conflicts with what Mine stated

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