Episode 4 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


Things have been rough for the surviving men and women of Shinawara, however as they make their way off shore, it doesn’t look like things will be all that peaceful moving forward.

While the vessel that carries Inaho Kaizuka and the other survivors puts Shinawara on the horizon, a large cluster of bombs shower the entire area and level it. Almost as if a final ditch effort to kill the princess if she remained alive.

Putting the tragedy behind them, several of the students find themselves reunited with the craft’s residence. More importantly, the princess naming herself Seylum asks to see Inaho in private. Alone in a room with Inaho, the princess’s hand Eddelrittuo, and the daughter of the princess assassin who names herself Rayet Areash, Asseylum Vers Allusia reveals her true identity to Inaho.

While not taking her by her word at first, mainly due to him witnessing the assassination, Seylum reveals that she had indeed fallen ill and the person who died was regrettably a double. She of course desires to contact the Vers and let them know that she was not killed and that Earth had no dealings in her assassination attempt, however Inaho knows full well that no communication could be made at their location. Instead he wishes to take them to the United Earth HQ.

Elsewhere Slaine confronts Count Cruhteo about the death of Sir Trillram, claiming he had been caught up in the purging bombs. As the desire to avenge the death of the princess continues, Slaine nearly professes seeing her alive but holds his tongue in fear that he would also be a part of her assassination.

A great episode overall. While not as action packed as the previous episodes, we got some more development in the individual character’s stories. The princesses desires to contact Vers, the fears of revealing her being alive to those who tried to kill her, and mankind continuing to strive for survival.

I am sort of getting annoyed by an attempt to draw connections to certain characters in random spurts. It almost begs you to see a possible death in the future. It was the same reason I got rather annoyed by The Pilot’s Love Song as they painted the death for each following episode. Let’s just hope it doesn’t hold true for Calm.

As for the regular weekly claim of awesomeness, this show continues to blow me away with great presentation. The musical scores and timing is just stellar. Each of the action scenes are fantastic and always has my blood pumping due to its presentation. I hope it keeps it up.

I’m also happy to see the show remain grounded, keeping the battles centered around outsmarting rather than unbelievable magic. ┬áSeeing Inaho constantly watching his target and analyzing him is intriguing.

Episode 4: Point of No Return





  • Great presentation and music
  • Good plot progression
  • Continuing to keep it grounded


  • Slaine returning to Vers

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