Episode 4 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


The time has finally come!  Kirito makes his grand entrance into the world of Gun Gale Online, though some may argue that it wasn’t so much a grand entrance as his appearance may be a bit jarring to himself although not to others..

Upon entering GGO for the first time, Kirito is quickly shocked at the avatar that is created for him. Featuring long hair to match quite a feminine figure, he’s quickly confronted by a man who speaks to him as if he’s a woman. Though the man also seems to believe Kirito has stumbled upon an ultra rare avatar that is given to a select few character creations.

While walking the streets of GGO, Kirito is determined to make a name for himself in order to contact  the man who calls himself Death Gun, despite being continuously harassed by men over his feminine appearance. While getting lost, he spots Sinon who is passing by and approaches her only to once again be mistaken for a woman. Though Kirito decides to play it off in order to gain her assistance.

e4swordartonlineii9Luckily, with the thought that Kirito is a women, Sinon decides to take it upon herself to show the newbie around the city and get him started on his road to join the BOB competition.

Surprisingly I enjoyed this episode. I was quite humored by the fact that they joked about Kirito’s new avatar so much. Being as I’ve had experience playing some female avatars in MMOs, I’m quite familiar with the hardships that come with that. Though I was a bit disappointed to find that it was a random occurence and not just him or the agency trying to keep his identity under wraps. But this is a minor thing to be honest.

Seeing a more casual side to Sinon in GGO was also a treat this time around, even though we are already seeing yet another girl added to Kirito’s already stupidly large harem.  I found her to be much more appealing and lovable this time around.

e4swordartonlineii11We also got more of a solid perspective into the workings of GGO combat in regards to the prediction lines for gun fire. It’s a nice thing to add to Kirito’s technique and I’m sure it will end up being broken by an opponent able to exploit it in the future. You can hold me on that prediction.

I’ve heard some people complaining about how Kirito has chosen a sword for his primary weapon and I can honestly say I’m puzzled by this outcry. I’d be more upset if Kirito showed up in a game that requires skill and practice and started firing headshots.

Kirito has already expressed that the game requires hundreds of hours to master, so it’s only natural that he uses his unique skills from SAO to his advantage. With the element of prediction lines, this seems perfect. That and I’d hate to have a series of shooting back and forth from cover, but rather some action packed ranged to melee combat.

Episode 4: GGO





  • Great character development
  • Good chemistry
  • Great introduction to GGO


  • Obvious harem addition

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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