Japan Begins its Anime and Manga Anti-Piracy Campaign


As the new month rolls in, a new initiative begins to stop piracy of anime and manga in Japan. With the cooperation of 15 anime production companies and manga publishers, the Japanese government will begin issuing takedown efforts on 580 sites which have distributed anime and manga illegally.

The Japanese government acknowledges the sheer wealth that the anime and manga market brings and it’s obvious that they feel the illegal distribution is causing a great deal of loss in that department. One of the biggest targets for them will be China which the Cultural Affairs Agency estimates a loss last year of at least 560 billion yen.

There’s no denying the damage that piracy can cause, but there is the argument that piracy creates interest in franchises and future purchases. Though one could question if those that pirate are really of any interest to a business that seeks dollar for its goods. Even still, anyone who knows the internet knows that if you kill one site, three more will replace them.

What is your take? Do you think this is a good move or do you think it will hurt the industry as a whole? Leave your comment below or post in our discussion thread on the forums. We understand that piracy is a hot topic, so please keep discussions civil!

Source: Crunchyroll

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