Episode 5 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


Kaneki could use a set of eyes on his back. After the Doves had started their rampage nearby, Tsukiyama arrived to torment Kaneki even further. What does this set of antagonists have in store for us this time?

Despite being ill after having eaten too much, Touka eats all of the food that Yoriko delivers in front of Kaneki. This causes Kaneki to see Touka in a new light. She’s a good friend, even if she’s easily agitated. After Tsukiyama has another “session” with Kaneki’s bloodstain, Kaneki gets to show off his new capabilities as a fighter. He quickly rescues Nishio from some ghouls that ganged up on him and carries him home, where Kimi is waiting.

Much to Kaneki’s amazement, Kimi is a human girl who loves Nishio even though she’s well aware of the fact that Nishio is a ghoul. However, there’s little time for bonding because Tsukiyama strikes again. After abducting Kimi, he uses her as bait to lure Kaneki. But Nishio can’t let Kaneki go alone…

e5tokyoghoul2Once the duo arrives at the venue set up by Tsukiyama, it naturally doesn’t take long before a fight ensues. You see, Tsukiyama outdoes himself yet again. His goal now is to eat Kaneki while Kaneki is eating Kimi. Things start looking grim when Tsukiyama neutralizes their combined forces with relative ease. Even Touka’s sneak attack resulted merely in a small and temporary injury.

But like a godsend, Nishio’s resolve to fight hardens because of a flashback. We learn about how he lost his sister, a fellow ghoul. Despite the huge dent in his trusting ability because of the circumstances that surrounded her death, he meets Kimi. Their connection runs so deep that she was willing to give her life for his consumption in order to save him from the injuries he sustained from Kaneki.  Though this act of self sacrifice manages to break Nishio’s primal desires.

Tsukiyama continues to dominate the fight, but makes a mistake that might usher in his demise. Full of confidence, he metaphorically reveals that the “kagune” is a ghoul’s engine, powered by the consumption of human flesh. That was all Kaneki needed to hear before he decides to give up some of his flesh to Touka, resulting in a cliffhanger power-up.

Tsukiyama is not your ordinary creep. He trumps candy-dangling white van drivers with his handkerchief-sniffing habit that leads to overly dramatic and random French outbursts. Kaneki, on the other hand, is getting his weight up thanks to Yomo-sensei. It goes without saying that I’d want my barista to be a ghoul-punching savage after the shop closes! “Make ’em drool in the shop, drop a ghoul on the block”, right?

On the development side of the episode: The exploration of Nishio’s character was unexpected, but very welcome as it didn’t just stop at his development. Introducing his currently dead sister and Kimi’s supportive mindset for Nishio at the same time made the flashback valuable. The positive stream doesn’t end as Touka’s contribution was noteworthy at last.

Not only did she get some decent action, Touka’s dialogue with Tsukiyama hinted at some kind of past they shared together. All we know for sure is that Tsukiyama used to love Touka (Yikes, this guy might really be a pedophile). Finally, Touka’s power-up was expected, but cool nonetheless. A nice way to top off a very good episode that had a bit of everything in it.

Episode 5: Scar





  • Character development (Nishio and his loved ones)
  • Kaneki’s improvements as a fighter
  • More set up for ghoulicious flashbacks (Tsukiyama and Touka)


  • Touka still displays that cliché attitude around Kaneki from time to time

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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